Code of the Clergy

The Clergy stands above the individual churches with regards to the following issues:

Ratification of any new Church Policy

Ratification of any change in Church Dogma

Ratification of any policy that crosses the Golden Table

Expenditure of Azure Table Resources

Identification and direction of Divine Law

Interpretation of the words of the Gods at Tharinos

The Clergy Expects

Full respect to all other faiths that stand within the pantheon of Dawn, Day and Dusk

The adherence to both Divine and Mortal Law

To show adequate respect to the laws of the Clergy and the members of the Azure Table that uphold them

Code of the Council of Tiberius

You will respect the laws of any land that you are in but always place the well being of any individual before the law and before yourself.

You will always offer aid and assistance to those that are in need of it asking nothing in return.

You will obey the divine laws lain down by all the representatives of the Gods at any Tharinos. These are divine edict and cannot be superseded by mortal thoughts.

You will collect alms for the Church wherever possible that this wealth be redistributed to those who have less and need more.

You will take no direct hostile action against any who do not seek to harm you.

You will defend yourself to the best of your ability if harm is offered to you but you will not seek the deaths of those that oppose you.

Priestly Vestments

The priesthood of Tiberius wear silvered plate and chain for preference, their robes purest white or shining silver and golds. Great Helms and weapons are often common as are shields and heavy mailed gauntlets. Tiberiusite dogma does away with the need for ceremonial robes, a Priest of the faith is always ready for battle.

Articles of Faith

As a Tiberiusite there are some clear guidelines that are to be followed; as a Holy Warrior or Crusading Defender you should follow the code below. This code is the guidance by which you set examples to the world that you strive to protect, a Crusading Defender is the shining example of the faith, one who is given great power by the God and to break their tenets would be to break favour with the deity and lose not only the power that he has gifted but more, the very purity of their souls. Following these tenets are a guideline to how piety works and how, as a follower of the faith, your piety can be increased and decreased at the whim of the Gods.

Tenets of The Crusading Defenders

You will preserve the Church of Tiberius and his tenets, bowing to those Pure of Faith and obeying his enlightened in all things.

You will honour any oath of loyalty made to those not of darkened soul beyond the measure of your life or spirit, never breaking it or faltering in your ability to complete it.

You will never give in, even when your back is to the wall, you will fight to the end of your life’s blood before you surrender to any evil be it physical or spiritual.

You will never suffer an un housed Undead to live lest it is allowed to live within the confines of the laws of the land in which you find yourself. In this case you will not allow its plans to come to fruition for they will be of evil intent.

You will speak the truth as plainly as you see it, never backing away from honesty. Despite any situation your honesty shall be strong, never bending or breaking like those weaker around you.

You will smite those of evil, those who bring their own suffering against the weak, the innocent and the undeserving. Those that walk the path of darkness shall know the righteous vengeance of Tiberius and no force of Vaklam be they mortal or divine shall prevent you returning the blows of the tyrannical against themselves.

In times of War you will honour all articles of war, you will spread the power of Tiberius amongst the armies of the Righteous and you will give them that fight with you the power to survive against the odds.

You will fight for the things that are right and just in the world with all of the strength that you possess. You will use this strength to usher those that stand in the darkness into the light. All have the right to be redeemed and you are the instrument of that redemption.

You will act with honour and integrity. Deceit and treachery are the enemies’ weapons and these weapons shall be destroyed.

You will honour those with whom you travel. You will choose companions wisely and they shall be the sum of thyself for if you cannot offer your loyalty to those who share your strengths then your loyalty is poorly given.

Day to Day Activities

Tiberiusites provide training for, give sanctuary to and provide support for all folk loyal to the Royal Basin, or acting with honour and dignity across the land. They also send out Priests and Holy Warriors to seek out the unrighteous, the evil and the corrupt acting within the boundaries of those of good heart and outlook, crushing the evils and returning light to the dark places. Religious duties for Tiberiusites tend to be overseeing courts, assisting the Clergy of Ekimelahw, with whom they have a great deal of companionship and crafting weapons and armour for the faithful to ensure that the church is always prepared. During times of War the Council of Tiberius enters into its most important state of being. The Council is the ultimate weapon that the basin has during times of great battle, every warrior of Tiberius is trained to a high level and carries within him or her a noble and indomitable soul that spreads amongst the armies in which they fight, strengthening them and making them impervious to the fears of battle and the terrors of their foe. Tiberiusites never fight in a unit together, instead they are charged to spread themselves amongst the ranks of the armies in which they battle to lend their powers and strengths to their comrades, speaking the litany of their God and preparing themselves to die for each and every man and woman around them.

Holy Days and Important Ceremonies


The most important religious day in the Tiberiusite calendar and takes place around the middle of the year. The Redeemers dictate the exact date after communiqué with Korgoron. The hosts of Tiberius assemble on the Golden Lands, once the home of Dieron the Blessed, Mortal Angel of Tiberius and carrier of one of the relics of Tiberius, a sword carried by the God when he himself was mortal. Under the instruction of the Redeemers twelve of his followers are chosen and their blades blessed and touched by Duty, the sword of Dieron. That sword is now held by Battik the Redeemer, an apostle of Dieron the Blessed and power in his own right. These twelve are given Holy purpose and sent forth in the name of Tiberius to uphold these duties, returning the following year to tell their tales, inspiring the young and old alike to acts of heroism and Valour in the name of Tiberius and all that is righteous.

Sacrifice Day

Held on the 21st of Watersdown each year, this ceremony is held in remembrance of the day that Dieron the Blessed gave his life in order that all might supply. At the time of this writing (Earthwane of 2014) the ceremony is in its infancy and so far has involved a great gathering in the Halls of Tiberius across the country. There, followers of Tiberius and other Gods alike have lit candles and offered up their thanks to the man that saved the world. We all hope that he can hear our prayers of thanks and that he draws strength from them.