Guild Leaders

Oath Maker (Always a Galliard) – Geranli Cruise


Geranli was born in 1882, a peasant in the village of Gruth and is still relatively young as a Zumatakan. She was an able child, loveable and well skilled in the many performance arts from a young age. Spotted by a member of the Oath she was sponsored and taken into the guild when she was only twenty one years old, again young for a Zumtakan, where she flourished under the legendary instructor Lysander Beckett. She is said to have learnt the thirty tales of the Cold Days of Making so well that she can recite them from heart and without any need for the visual aids and rotes. True or not her words have been spoken in hundreds of halls inspiring thousands, she has given direction to many, many smallfolk and united scores of villages under one direction. She understands fully how much responsibility rests upon her shoulders as the Oathmaker. In many ways she is like a Baron or Count, responsible for the protection of their people so intense is her belief in the core fundaments of the guild. She instils this belief in all that follow her and in those that are fortunate enough to be taught by her gain not only her experience but also of all those that she has dedicated her life to learning about. In her many see the legendary Iron Rayn with whom she spends many hours in meditation with, indeed, it is said that a great new threat comes to destroy the Basin and that Rayn prepares her young protégé for that day when the commoners of the land will need the Oath again. Although since the last years of the Cataclysm and the days of Soul Anchor many have sensed the change in her. Recent times have forced Geranli away from the Guilds duties and into the libraries of the Oath; the loss of the heroes on the rocks beyond the gate caused a greater tension among the Oath leaders. Stories are spreading that Geranli and her associates know more about the coming days of battle then they are letting on. These stories are being leant a great deal of credence by her insistence that ancient texts long guarded by the Oath were taken from their resting place and left on display along with other ancient artefacts. This action seems to have led directly to the uncovering of a banner that has crossed all Duchies and given hope to those that will do battle with the Blue Fire Prophets, Angelus and indeed the Dragons of old.

The Oath Council
Priest: Kistion Dathy


Kistion is an Orcish Priest of Naed who finished she training with the People of Crossed Keys in 1994, some fourteen years after her birth. Whilst extremely young, as many of the other council are, she is a calm and uncomplicated woman. She understands well that she represents all of the Basanic Gods at Council and has taken time to come to terms with the different ethos as best she can. She takes her role seriously and prepares her charges for their role in the undercommunity, as she calls it, making sure that they understand that not coming from an officially sanctioned clergy they may well be overlooked or bullied by “real” Priests. She is generally liked and respected amongst the guild members.

Officer: Major Iain Hertisan


Born in 1922 Iain is in advancing years and the oldest member of the council, in human age. It is believed that he may have Eaölfen or Fae blood as he is still credibly young in appearance and action. Whilst not trained within the guild he has had a long admiration for the Oath and worked to have a guild building established in the capital before it was eventually established in Shriekspire. When he retired from the Basanic army at the age of seventy three he petitioned to join the guild as a trainer and potential commander should the Oath ever take the field. He was welcomed and has become like a grand old Uncle to many of the guild members. Most of the Oath fear for his passing, not just due to the loss of a good friend but also due to the damage to morale that it would cause.

Melkarr: Golkitt Drune


Born in 1889 Golkitt is a Basanic Eaölf who has very little knowledge of her homelands. She was trained by the Twelve Trees, originally to be a politician but finished her training within the confines of the Oath. She is a shy and somewhat timid individual whose personal life is kept well away from the other members of the Oath and the guild in general. She spend much of her time flitting between council duties and maintaining ties with the various groves in order that those she trains are taken seriously and to ensure that the Tao of Kethlan, the best organisation of caring for the smallfolk that they know of, is closely tied to the Oath.

Mage: Khza Gquish

(Granite Heart Kuldisar)

A specialist in elemental fire. He was born in 1940 in the village of Eratas in the Razorback Mountains on the border of Basanic/Kuldisar territory. At the age of five his village was attacked by a small warband of banditry and mercenaries and he was left for dead buried under the corpses of his family. He was discovered by Adrian Dexel of the Oath who bought him back and offered him training and a chance to hunt down those who had bought him to this. In 1962 the last of the group had been brought to justice. His rise through the guild has ended with his being propelled to a member of the Council and a well liked one at that. His courage and honour are an example to all and to the many orphans and waifs that the Oath attracts his background is a shining example.

Craftsman: Liam Skenes

(Human, potter)

Born in 1977 Liam has worked closely with the Oath since he acquired a tutelage there in 1991. He is the man from Delve, as every craftsman of the Oath is and has been since the Guild was formed. Skenes is well aware that he possess none of the raw power of the other Oath Council but he and the others from the smallfolk are those that teach the traditional adventurers the skills that they will need when they retire. These skills also generate empathy between the common man and adventurers who so often seem far above and beyond the level of worker that they are an untenable part of society. Liam is highly valued and his place on the council is just as important as any others.

Soldier: Adrian Grahams

(Human Scout)

Born in 1988 to a military family Adrian was unable to attain membership to the Silent Company due to his lapse attitude with regard to the disciplined order. His grades however were excellent and he was snapped up with alacrity by the Oath when he applied. As many of the Oath were wiped out defending outlying towns and villages in the recent Cataclysm Wars he was promoted swiftly and only made the council in 2011. Since he has been here he has made many friends but a majority of the council fear that his friendly, open attitude lead him to treat his responsibilities with a lightness that will lead him to wilt under pressure. Only time will tell.

Famous Guildsmen

Mordred Knox

(Human Hawkshaw)

Mordred was Born in Great Strabain in 1978, on a Cold Snowfall night. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a Bethylakian priestess. Mordred was always a very gifted child, and with a Bethylakian as a mother his insatiable curiosity was always kept well fed. Mordred’s father was a blacksmith and swordsman, he crafted a very fine blade indeed. With the prices his workmanship commanded he was able to look after the family comfortably. At the age of 7 Mordred was taken into the church of Bethylak in Maryat, who had been informed of his gift. He took to the training as if it were what he was born for. Mordred spent many happy years in the classrooms and corridors of the chuch but was always happiest in the library. As an initiate he excelled in the use of focus magics until in Blossomwake 1993 at the age of fifteen, but wise beyond his years, he was released to take the word of Bethylak to the people, and learn what he could of the world.

Mordred travelled back to Strabain and took his own lodgings in the city near the University. Mordred was not much of a preacher, However, partially due to the awkwardness of his age but also his quiet aloof nature. By 1995 it was apparent that Mordred, although pious and wise, was not cut out to be a preacher. Mordred had also come to this conclusion and approached the church, telling them he was to enrol at the university to further his studies and so at the age of seventeen Mordred enrolled at the university of Great Strabain to study Fire Magics and Theology, taking a job in the library to help fund his tuition. It was whilst at the university Mordred started to come out of his shell, joining the fencing and later (after a drunken punch up) boxing clubs.

As a student Mordred worked and played hard. He graduated in 1998, Head of his class and president of both the boxing and the fencing clubs. Mordred took a job offer from the college of controlling power in Maryat. During his time working for the college he started to take to the road, on both fact finding expeditions and the odd skirmish with the Basin’s enemies, In 2003 Mordred handed his notice to the College and disappeared for 6 years. Not even his parents heard from him. Upon his return in Frostmelt 2009 Mordred was a much more mature man, better dressed and holding himself like a gentleman, with few more scars. He had in his possession three Bethylakian artifacts; A hat, A timepiece, and a set of eyeglasses. He claims he bought them at an auction. Mordred joined the Oath immediately upon his return and once again found his place in the library. Morded took to watching over the oath members and making sure they are prepared and equipped for the monsters they face. In his time at the Oath Dr. Knox has been expanding the library, not only its books and scrolls but weapons and more exotic objects too.

Guild Buildings

The first guild building is cited as being the three story Inn called the Silent Path, subsequently named the Oaths Last Rest. This is where the remaining fifteen members of the Oath came to rest after their great battle and it was here that they were sworn to commit themselves to a continuation of the ideals of the Oath. The bodies of scores of the original Oath are buried in the grounds of this impressive building, which has been expanded over the years to take up almost a whole 5 acres of land. There are meditative gardens, a small training ground and even a museum dedicated to the guild on the premises. Every year starting the seventeenth day of Blossomwake the Oath Council hold their biggest meetings here, sometimes lasting weeks as they prepare and dictate guild policy.

There are Renowned Adventuring buildings throughout the Basin, most townships, villages or hamlets have a building dedicated to them even if it is an inn with the clasp above the sign. Here members can find succour and assistance regardless of political situation and status. The largest of the guild building is in Shriekspire which was chosen due to the upheaval within the Royal Basin at the time. The Guild is the home of the Oath council and where the majority of discovered items and relics are taken for identification before their distribution or return to the correct parties. All major training and induction takes place in Shriekspire and few guild houses are as well-equipped as this one.