Guild Leaders

Guild Mistress General – Abbey Belect


Conceived in 1980 in the backstreets of Shriekspire to a local whore and, rumour has it, a high up member of the Outriders Guild Abbey was handed into the guild based on the strength that “Backstreet Bess” her mother remembered the guild insignia and ranking of the Orc that came to her one Earthnew night. The stories are presumably true, the blood of an Outrider must flow through her veins so skilled in their arts is she but that is not what she attests her true mastery too: Abbey was born in the Abbey of the Blessed Day, hence her name, and grew up on the scraps that her mother’s pimp threw her way. By the time she was five Abbey was more than proficient with a shiv, dirk, short sword and belaying pin, she could get through pretty much any tavern door, locked or otherwise and travelled unseen down the back alleys and cut throughs of the Great City.

However half way through her sixth year she was caught by Gifford Lance, Captain of the Frozen Men and tried for the murder of Danny Way, the very pimp who had abused her mother for many years.

Despite the sentence being commuted to manslaughter prison beckoned for an extended ten year appearance and not something that she could walk away from. Gifford however had other ideas, seeing in the girl great potential and that the killing was of mercy to her mother rather than due to a murderous nature. So he offered her up to the guild with his own blessing and under condition that she was his responsibility. She did not let him down and the relationship that the two fostered has been of great benefit to the guild houses in the Bitter Vale. She rose through the ranks very quickly, her work ethic, sense of responsibility and unfailing ability to sense a trap, set up or lie have seen her through all kinds of peril. According to legend she once stared down Quinn Shadowreaver himself at a public function in only her first week as Guild Mistress. The truth of that particular statement is very much in contention and certainly Mr Shadowreaver refuses to comment. Either way she is not a woman to trifle with and, as mentioned, her relationship with now Commander Lance is one of Father/Daughter structure. She has ears to the ground, through him, across the Royal Basin with regards to all things criminal and equally woe betide any criminal who wishes to push their luck to far on the streets of Shriekspire.

Under her leadership the Guild have weathered a number of storms: The financial crash of the Dragon Empire, Esan, Basin Trade Routes in 2010, the Rhygahrean War, the Cataclysm and currently the Hukerethian troubles. All of these have challenged the financial validity of the Outriders and equally placed a plethora of increasingly challenging and dangerous missions on their plate. Her Guildsman have great faith in her, something that she cherishes highly and works hard to maintain whilst her appearances on the Table of Swords are less common than some would like she still keeps up appearances. It is hoped that she will remain in her role for many years to come but her advisors have noted that her static position has led to much nostalgic wishing for the old days and a return to the field, specifically the streets that she so misses.

Guild Treasury Master – Inimik Pil

(Tzi Tzain)

Named for his Uncle, the legendary founder of the Outriders, Pil is a very opinionated and desirous young Eaölf with few supporters among the council. He was born in 1801 and joined the guild in 1825 where he was bought up on stories of his Uncle and his heroic actions, specifically his final stand in the Calamacje Mountains of Egaria that earned the guild a new contract with the Garalanis Trading House. The older guild instructors doted on him and unfortunately instilled in him a bloated sense of self importance and belief that he was the reincarnation of the great man himself; the guild founder come again. The fact that our beloved founder was not the legend that many guild heads are was completely lost on Pil and has led him to the wrong conclusions about his own abilities.

“Pil is an Outrider of average skill and performance who was lucky to scrape through his year of three tests. However he shows great aptitude for mathematics and accountancy that could see him in good stead when he seeks a guild position.” Such was the position of Instructor Makoros on Pils finish of third year. The words were true. Pil’s life as an Outrider fell wildly short of his own expectations and severely short of the Guilds expectations for an Outrider. He cost the guild almost fifty helms and was relegated to accounting whilst his fate was discussed. However, whilst in accounting, three months saw Pil make the guild almost eight hundred helms due to shrewd investment and sale. His fate was sealed and the Guildic Council beckoned.

The decisions that have affected his life are caused, in the main, by his family title: The man is not an inept Outrider but he lacks the skills to be one fulltime, he is a genius with money and what is more he is of the line of Pil. It would not be seemly for the Guild to abandon a member of the founding line not just for the reasons that he may be swept up by another guild and our secrets shared. However, Pil is still firmly of the belief that he has the de facto right to lead the guild and that his ability as an Outrider is legendary. His continued challenging of the right to lead, coupled with his insistence that if Abbey cannot attend a Table of Swords meeting he is allowed to go in her place, something that he has done on more than one occasion, has lost him much support.

Merchant Liaison Officer – Callil “The Golem” Mol


Mol was born in 1945 and bears the scars of thousands of encounters that he has endured during over fifty years of missions for the Outriders. He is missing his right foot, two fingers from his right hand, most of both ears, his teeth and eyelids and the bones in his left forearm. However his success in the field has meant that he is wealthy enough to replace the majority of his missing paraphernalia with artifice and magic leading him into the well deserved mocker of “The Golem”. He was only forced into retirement when an unfortunate curse was deployed against him causing him to give off a dull light and strange rattling noise when he attempts stealth against his enemies! So in 2006 at the age of 61 he left the field and prepared for a life outside the guild, sadly that life would have been a lonely one as Callil had never found or fostered a family of his own. Fortunately Belect was unwilling to let one of her best Outriders go but with The Golems instructional skills far below par she was forced to offer him a different role that utilised different talents:

Mol had worked for so long that he had developed a huge rapport with all of the merchant houses and in all honesty the majority of major and minor merchants that trade in the Royal Basin. His continued relationship with those representatives has earned the Outriders innumerate contracts and kept the faith with many of the employers who have lost faith with Outriders challenged by overwhelming odds. It has proven to be a masterstroke appointment by Abbey Belect and one that has helped to secure her position at head of the Council. It has certainly done her no harm with the popular Callil who would have been consigned to a solitary life and undoubtedly ended up joining some forlorn hope regiment of the Basanic Army never to be seen again. Despite his previously active life Mol is happy in his new role and is clearly enjoying the opportunities to enjoy the finer things in life with his merchant clientele; a fact that his waistline can clearly testify to.

Noble Liaison Officer – Baron Armon Darkspur


Armon was sent to the guild by his family when he was seven in 1982 and has clearly never felt at home in the Guild houses. However he is a noble and a man of duty, his family are bound by their words during the affair of the three screaming maidens of Salian Keep in 1735. It was his great, great, great grandmother who was kidnapped, among two others, by the Sire Raven and the Outriders who alongside Battered Shield members saved her. The agreement for more noble involvement in the Outriders project was honoured since that day and so, here stands Armon. He is a skilled warrior and marksman, his hunting talents are sufficient and, although he does not excel, he has mastered the basics of the mystic tutors. His ambitions within the guild have always been to seek a more sedentary position than field officer and this he has finally achieved as a member of the Guildic Council. In his role as noble liaison officer his duties involve him spending much time away from the guild and in the company of his kinfolk surrounded by the opulence that he believes he should be used to.

He served in the field from 1995 until 2003 when he suffered what was considered at the time a mortal Wound at the hands of the Mandragoran. Fortunately, he was rescued and healed by a skilled Chirugeon from the University who had been mastering the techniques that would allow the healing of Mandragoran wounds. However, it was considered that such trauma, of a partial assimilation, should not be taken into the field and he was given light duties until the death of Lord Jonathan Silverlight whom he replaced as Liaison Officer. He is a staunch supporter of Abbey Belect, despite her early life and many consider this to be a sign that the guild has changed him sufficiently that he can represent their best interests as well as the interests of the nobles that fund the guild. Since his convalescence ended he has shown practically no interest in returning to the field despite his clear ability and dedication once deployed on a mission.

Senior Instructor – Verity Wright


Born in 1992 Verity is a child prodigy who was born among the guild. Her story is a strange one but explains the reasoning behind her talents: Both of her parents were Outriders, the now deceased but famous Chesterton Wright and Susan Wright of whom the latter was powerful psionicist with a great deal of potential. The two were married in 1990 after a difficult ‘89 in which Chesterton was nearly killed in a Skirmish with supernatural horrors, this prompted the marriage and undoubtedly the swiftness with which Susan came to be with child however their happiness was not to last. In the midst of 1991 the Guild happened to be guarding a powerful piece of Variscite crystal in their guild buildings in Rendrith where the Wrights were resting. The building was attacked, before the crystal was removed, by creatures from the deep Astral; in the fighting both Wrights were dragged into the Church of the Shining Pulpit. The truth of what happened there is still sketchy but Chesterton did not emerge alive and his wife had been exposed to the direct power of the Church.

When Verity was born she killed her Mother but she bought with her express skills that are beyond the ken of most folk. The Outriders faced an early battle for custody of Verity with the Institute of Contemplation one which, due to both her Mother and Fathers will, they won. Verity grew within the guild and soon demonstrated that she was capable of not only learning skills intuitively but also to implant the thoughts of how these skills work into the minds of others. No sooner had she learnt something then she was able to pass that knowledge on effortlessly. As she grew these skills became more and more apparent and were coupled with an almost eidetic memory; by the time she was thirteen she was already instructing with the guild and now that she is eighteen the role of Senior Instructor seems to have come naturally. The other guild council members tend to keep a strict eye on her as her knowledge is not matched by her wisdom but that too seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

Guild Buildings

The first Guild buildings that the guild used were donated by the House Dumor and comprised an abandoned Fire Building and next door coach houses in the City of Great Strabain. This remains the main guild building although the Outriders now own the surrounding area and have constructed there a great temple to the past. All of our experiences and our honoured dead are there, waiting to teach the young and the old alike, touching on strategy and skills that we have long studied. From there the network of estates have blossomed out from Strabain and across the Royal Basin usually supported by the Merchant Houses and the Orsai Bank. There are several standards and ranks of Guild buildings ranging from the standard Chapter Houses all the way down to supporting way houses.

Each of the Chapter Houses covers the same extensive training program and any updates to one of the buildings is sequenced through to all others. No chapter of the Outriders has any precedent over the others and any guild member is welcome at any other. However, the Chapter Houses are not the only place that we may find refuge. Like our comrades in the Battered Shield we have long fostered good relations with the keepers of Inns and Taverns across the land; few Coaching Inns are there that do not keep horses and hearth prepared for a visiting Outrider, most carry the guild emblem above the door and know that this is enough to ensure both their safety and our arrival.