Ghuls are a unique race of people that receive mixed receptions wherever they go; they are neither living nor dead, their origins are a mystery and they are few and far between. They are souls returned to the bodies of the dead, woken from slumber but with flesh whole and being intact. They come into the world, adults but as a blank slate with only basic knowledge of the world remembered.

They are inquisitive creatures but seek control and management not just of their life but of power in general. They rise to positions that allow them rule and gives them dominance of what takes their interest but are inherently lonely creatures who are often shunned and driven from social circles leaving them only political or professional avenues. The reasons behind their return, their past and who they are evades them and their nature drives them to madness and a cold “inhuman” nature mostly develops leaving them more calculating than compassionate.

Ghuls are designed for players that seek an antihero role in a group; that want to achieve a level of heroism that is capable of challenging present roles of right and wrong and that sometimes committing an “evil” act for the greater good is the way forward. They are often redemptive or justice based characters who will step willingly into roles of power and make decisions that others simply would not.

Examples in the Real World

Batman from the DC Universe
Agent Coulson from Agents of Shield
Gregory House from House

Essential Look

Ghuls have palid white skin
Ghuls have dark undertones to their eyes and cheeks
They will have features as to their original race in life

Common Fashion

They prefer practical, smart attire
They relish objects and items that project power
They heavily observe the traditional dress of the land they travel in.

Roleplaying Guidance

Ghuls often lack social graces
With little contact with social groups and being late to the party of life Ghuls often mistake actions and are clinically blunt in most situations.

Ghuls are rarely afraid
Ghuls have little time for fear, they have an inherent understanding of their place in the order of things and will make choices and decisions without second guessing themselves or being cowed by the actions or threats of others.

Ghuls are naturally distant
Their very nature makes them difficult to associate with but Ghuls are not comfortable with associations. They will complete tasks and obligations for self-fulfilment but will soon take their leave of a situation rather than waiting for glory.

Ghuls hear voices
Their past haunts them and they are constantly aware of the ghosts of their true pasts as voices in their heads. This can lead them to wanderlust or, more frequently, degeneration into forms of madness that fuels their basic need to control and to rule.