Guild Leaders

Provost – Professor E. Bryson

(Lairdan Gan)

Professor Bryson is the oldest member of the University being over a thousand years in age. She rose to the position of Provost in 1904 and has remained there ever since. She is aloof and cold, dedicated to her career and the care of the University and rarely seen by the students unless they are being awarded some form of accolade. During her tenure as a Professor lecturing at the University she has taught History of Magic, Medicine, Lore, Athletics and Engineering.

Vice-Provost – Walton Germain


Doctor Germain was and is the Universities foremost Alchemical master who still teaches due to his popularity and skill. He was born in 1952 and has been teaching at the Uni since 1975 and is credited for inventing several of the potions and unguents that are used by the modern day Chirugeons; in fact, he is often cited as the reason for dragging the Chirugeons out of the dark ages and into the modern day safety that they operate in now.

Dean of Faculties – Doctor Johan Mack


Doctor Mack was retired from lecturing in 2005 after over seventy years of training physicians and Chirugeons. Mack is believed to be around 100 years old but, via his own health regime and attendance to the athletics classes, he is still reasonably spry. Most of the tomes regarding Chirurgery have been written, rewritten or edited by Mack over the years and should he attend any of the training seminars the students are known to suddenly develop nervous ticks, jitters or feinting fits.

Bursar – Professor I Kat


Professor Kat, whose Klamav name is Strides the Shadow Meadow, was accrued into the college by an anthropological expedition into the Ancestral lands in the Snowfall of 1989. According to the reports the expedition met with Corith Pride and spent many weeks learning of the culture there. During their time there Dr. Ableson fell ill and perished, none of the Klamav could find a remedy but the University folk recognised the illness and could have saved him had they been closer to home. Strides the Shadow Meadow decided to travel with the expedition to learn such medicines and skills and has remained ever since, sending home all he has learnt via the Spirit World.

Guild Buildings

The University, as indicated in the opening package, has but one main foundation that can be located in Strabain itself. However, the University has official premises across the Royal Basin in the form of learning centres, smaller academies and schools which it independently sponsors. The best and the brightest are offered places in Kings or other colleges and those that are on a marginal grade are offered continued learning there. Whilst the University is its own domain it also has presences within hundreds of guild buildings across the Basin and many of its academians find their way into other projects and end up remaining in that guild as a liaison officer. However, in 2012 an older and abandoned project; the Royal Colleges of Medicines and Sciences was reopened by the University, receiving funding from His Royal Highness Quintus Tiberius Alexander Lionsgold the First and the responsibilities of Dean handed to Doctor Sir Bartellus Voldi.