Rules of The University

No running in the halls

No eating in the Class Room

University Uniform must be worn at all times

Courtesy, consideration and respect for other members of the University community should be shown at all times

Food may not be taken from the Dining Room

Drinks purchased from the Tuck Shop must be consumed outside

Students returning to University after an absence due to ill health must bring an explanatory note from their parents

Dangerous implements and substances such as catapults, sheath knives and fireworks may not be brought to University

Buying, selling and swapping objects of value is not permitted on the University premises.

Words of The University of Great Strabain

Knowledge is a privilege not a right

University Curriculum

CourseFirst YearsSecond YearsThird YearsFourth YearsPost Graduate
Doctorate of MedicineAnatomy, First Aid, Medical Principals, TriageSplinting, Bandaging, DiagnosisMinor Chirurgery, AmputationMajor Chirurgery, ForensicsResuscitation Techniques, Headology
Doctorate in Basanic HistoryModern History and the Ages of MagicThe History of the Noble lines of the Royal BasinThe History of Magic through Guilds and CollegesThe Evolution of the Gods and their influence on the development of the Royal BasinFrom Earth Tribes to the Six Kingdoms
Doctorate in MagicsThe theory of Focus and Source Magics or Principals of the Wyld and the MindThe basis behind magic, direction of power and meditationCasting basic incantations, Miracles, Rites and TalentsAdvanced Casting and an introduction to Higher powersDealing with higher powers; the blessings and the curses

University Uniform

A white and blue Sash is usually worn whilst outside of the university to indicate one’s position within society.