This week on Chicanery Twitch Channel

First off, much love in Pride Month and all Pride year! Chicanery is pretty new to the gaming scene but already at its core the LGBTQ+ community is huge. All the love for days to come around whichever table we put a board on, whichever screen we are looking out from and however your dice fall we stand together.

The chicanery team

Hello Top Notch People,

All the love in the world as we take a look at the week ahead.

On Monday Morning at 10am BST, the Rising Team will be meeting to discuss the ongoing and new projects for both Chaos and Chicanery. Feel free to come and have your say.

On Monday Evening, Stephen will be running his Star Wars game – we’re already wondering who might get possessed this time! That will be live at 7.30pm BST.

On Tuesday Morning, you can join Stephen and his team for the Chaos stream of CODAfying. This time around he will be running through the Lore of CODA’s various species, their lore, their stories, and the years behind their development – That’s at 9am BST.

Tuesday Evening sees the return of Sam’s classic streams, and more Shenmue II!!! Get your forklifts at the ready…

In the evening you can add The Wednesday Codafying Special to your rota; join Stephen and the gang as they go through the new rule changes and answer your system questions!

On Thursday Morning you can pull up a chair and brew a cup of tea, as the absolutely legendary Mark Cordory, long term Larper and builder of Tardises joins Stephen Canfield, also Long Term Larper and developer of LARPtronics on their weekly podcast – The Rising of Conversation SEASON TWO and talk the stories of their lives: 10.30am BST.

Finally this week, you can join our founder Anthony Gunfield as he runs a charity stream “Chicanery 4 Ukrainery” which aims cash at the International Rescue Committee- not just for the now, but for the ever. He will be streaming Hades, Magic, and maybe even TFT from 7.30 onwards BST on Thursday.