Anthony Gunfield is the Lord of Chicanery and often referred to as the Trewsmeister General, for reasons that have been lost to the dawn of time. It is known that he was once the bodyguard of the mighty being: Týr going by the name: Big Bald Barry the Blue Bumblebee. One day Týr’s dog Mistfluff went missing and a drunk Big Bald Barry the Blue Bumblebee was brutally eaten when he mistook the legendary wolf Fenrir for Mistfluff. Týr managed to capture Fenrir whilst he was sleeping off the consumption of Big Bald Barry and was so pleased with this he reincarnated his ex-body guard and flung him into the far future. 

The newly reborn Blue Bumblebee fell into the world of LARPing, storytelling and the like when his rebirthed form was abandoned in the crew room of an ROC event as a child and then adopted by the system when he was mistaken for some Turkish Delight. Since then and going on towards a decade this young man has become immersed in all things roleplaying, gaming and geek, excelling at everything that he has touched and learning along the way. So pleased are we to have him that an altar to Týr has been erected in his honour.

Anthony goes by many names but all of them involve reference to ancient leg clinging garments and his colloquial sobriquet is Le Trews. These and other titles have been accrued through many years of larping where he worked his way up from the position of crew to Second and then first ref and is now a part of both the CODA and Discordant Symphony Core Team. Trews is now a commanding crew wrangler, outstanding DPC and a very capable lead ref when the need arises. He has worked hard and impressed many to get to where he is and has become amongst the first people that is turned to when an event needs running or a problem needs solving.

Beyond Larping nonsense his other fields of excellence focus on the card, board and tabletop gaming side of the hobby along with the video game and streaming environments. He is an old hand at conventions and fests having specifically focussed on Magic Fests and YuGiOh Championship Series. From here he has become a longstanding YuGiOh judge and is a master of Magic the Gathering who is about to take his judging exams in that field too, Pokemon and was a pioneer for the Digimon Card Game that is having huge success in America during Lockdown.

Trews is also a natural streamer and went about setting up the Rising of Chicanery when it’s Sister (The Rising of Chaos) couldn’t support both the LARP and the Tabletop on its own. He is massively popular and streams both video games and card gaming tournaments as well as handling a lot of the heavy lifting for the larp and roleplaying streams. This immensely popular member and leader of our community is often about in the Discord and is happy to help with any deckbuilding, theory and ruling questions at any given point in time, as well as being more than happy to point you to events should you wish to enter them.

Like the rest of the Rising Team Trews is a huge advocate of human civil rights campaigning alongside his fellow team members in the name of LGBTQ+, against racism and generally what is right in the world. He is a generous, kind and compassionate man who is always there when you need him and a force that you can rely on. We don’t think that we have ever seen Trews turn anyone that has asked for help away, he will always drag himself on to do the right thing or be there for those that need him no matter how hard things get.

A lot of us have been around for quite a few years and become quite jaded with the world around us and as our energy fades out of the universe it is good to see the future of the Rising brimming with positive and most of all kind direction.