Contact and Backlash Update

We have been working hard to bring the Backlash and Wound Cards up to speed for the new system. This post focuses on the Backlash slips for casting and we are excited to make the announcement that after a lot of feedback and adjustment from the development team we have settled into something that is rules light for the players and rich in the story that we have always focussed on over the last 23 years. We are going to run you through the basics of what we have achieved and how that will affect your game


>>> Written 10 Backlash sets for each realm of casting with full upgrades that focus on roleplaying outcomes but with balanced mechanics so that all cards have the appropriate feel per Mag.


>>> Identified the need to replace the Jokers with Face Cards and the terms red and black jokers with the terms “Critical Failure” and “Critical Success”.


>>> Identified that only one of your Critical Failures should be associated with CONTACT and that the contact be varied between 1 and 5


>>> The other Critical Failure will come as a range of different effects that will be heavy on the roleplaying but string from: A Terrible Magical Wound to Lingering Magnitude Increases to Debilitating Physical effects.


>>> The Critical Success Card will have a range of beneficial effects that are the effective reverse of Critical Failures or a player may choose to suggest their own cards that the system will either yay or nay. These will be properly in flavour with the character and the deeds that they have done


>>> The Story Team have developed a number of contacts each that span the plot arcs, the realms of power and so forth that are dripping in lashings of plot and game .


>>> When you draw a contact that you cannot defy you will inform your ref immediately.


>>> They will allocate you a contact that will………make contact with you at a future point and at that point you need to make your choices as the abandonments, heresies, abominations and the like that dwell in the between make their moves on our reality.


>>> From that point forward any Critical Failure Contact Sheet relates to your contact until that plot arc is closed.


>>> The majority of mechanics such as card upgrading and switching remain the same


>>> Decks must be returned at the end of every event after their first issue or they will be declared invalid until they have been returned.


>>> Standard Backlash cards will be rotated through the decks on a regularly basis to keep everything fresh.


>>> Critical failure and success cards will be rotated through the  decks before each event that you play.


>>> Contact 1 sheets will be most common to be in your deck whilst Contact 5 will be the rarest.