Hello One and all!

As you all know, we are running RoC’s first event of 2021 on July 3rd (Make sure you buy tickets – we’re nearly out!) and we are terribly excited to get back in the woods with you all!

However, in true RoC Style, we are not doing things by halves and have ANOTHER announcement for you all…

As the crew can be onsite from 2pm on the day, we’ll be getting the tents and set dressing up for event day in advance, so that we can be ready to kick off at 9am prompt and sharpish. Aren’t we organised?!

And we thought to ourselves, what shall we do in the evening? Games? Juggling? Water polo? No…

We are running a live Tales From the Deck at the site the night before the event!

As of 6pm we’ll be lighting the big fire, putting our feet up and barding out some music but that’s not all! We are super excited that at around 8pm Gary will be completing his July Storytelling live and streamed (connection dependent!) around the camp fire.

That’s right – In one week’s time, Gary will be warming up his vocal chords in front of a beautiful wood fire, ready to entice you all with his tales of wonder and delight. And maybe murder. And there’s usually a talking horse, too.

We’ll be looking for people to be in kit and enjoying his tales as we cook some food over the flames and drink some hearty beverages. We’ll be releasing more info as it comes in but if you want to come and listen to Gary then either be a crew member, a Patreon (yes you are welcome to turn up and listen in person) or come along and throw some money in the pot.

We could not be more excited, come and escape with us for an evening, put the world aside and delve into the deep tales of worlds gone by.

We can’t wait to see you.

Much Love,

Team RoC xxx