Good afternoon, RoC, and welcome to what will hopefully become something of a regular fixture…

Today’s Player Brief for RoC Online was stellar, and we all very much enjoyed being back in kit (even if it did get a bit warm towards the end, there!) – so thank you one and all for a lovely afternoon. We can’t wait to get back into the session next week and see where you want to go.

We are planning to have a bit of a Sunday extravaganza that contains not so much about LARP, but more about our community and being able to do things together despite being apart.

So, at 2pm UK Time, we will be watching football (Spurs vs Sheffield). We will also be in Radio RoC so that you can listen to Stephen’s Tottenham Voice and watch Holly get all lary and sweary, which only happens when she watches Spurs. Team Spirit, and all that!

After that we will be running a test of playing Formula D in Holly’s Living Room, with the hope of running a League in the not too distant future. Stephen is promising a prize for the League Champion, and Holly’s sister Chelsey is really looking forward to moving all the cars around.

Finally, there will be an evening in Radio RoC to wind down the weekend and head into next week relaxed and, hopefully, happy.

Hop onto the main Discord for more details.

We really miss you, it would be good to hang out.

Much Love,

Team RoC x