Code of The CoCP

Ratification of any new College Policy

Delineation of any training outside of standard guild policy

Ratification of any policy that crosses the Golden Table

Expenditure of Black Table Resources

Control and reclamation of any Arcane artefacts

Control of the Words of Power and associated masteries

The CoCP Expects

Full respect to all Colleges regardless of which you owe affiliation to

The adherence to the laws of the College and the land and to tolerate no disrespect or slight from members of the many lesser guilds and clergies

To show adequate respect to the laws of the College and the members of the Black Table that uphold them

Code of Valordian College

The pact that you enter into with your Elemental house is a bond of the most sacred trust and will never be broken. To break such a trust will result in immediate expulsion from the College and your right to cast Sourcerous magics revoked for all time.

You will show all deference to the rigid guild system of seniority showing respect to and obeying the instructions of those above you in the chain of command.

Those in positions of seniority will not abuse their power nor their subordinates, tolerance of such action will be short and retribution swift.

Members are encouraged not to act outside of their departments unless absolutely necessary. Where it is necessary you are required to report your action to department heads at the earliest opportunity.

Every incantation that is taught to you represents your ability to manipulate the gentle weave of magic that surrounds each one of us. Once you have learnt to control that weave you are expected to use that power responsibly. Sourcerous power is not for show or the entertainment of the common folk. This is the realm of conjurers and prestidigitators, we are Sourcerers and we control the raw powers of Chaos and the elements.

We are not guilds, we are Colleges. We represent a faculty that has been established for over two thousand years. We are not a loose collection of half-trained rabble. You few chosen to walk our halls were chosen because you were considered to be the best and most able of your brethren. You will act accordingly.

Exploration of Ruaeth Kajhar remains one of the major directions and codes of the College; it is an extended duty for the Ueahrn to learn more of their origins and for us to assist them.

The summoning of any Ueahrn or others of their ilk is a sacred ritual and the undertaking of any such action will involve either a predetermined agreement or an arrangement that occurs in favour of the Ueahrn when it is summoned.

Words of the College

The Wind whispers the truth to those who listen

Major Centres of Power

The Colleges are very, very old and as such they have bastions of varying size and power everywhere; every major city, every populated area, every place where daemons may be present there can be found a place of Sourcerous power. Commonly these buildings are towers which are well shaped for the control of the Source as well as flaring of Daemonic corruption and from our point of view the movement between worlds. However each of the four orders has a Tower in what are considered to be key, powerful locations crossing Ley lines of direct importance. The originals were either moved or destroyed when Maryat fell but they all exist now in one form or another in the capital of Haven.

College Uniform

The College is not in the habit of enforcing a dress code; during powerful ceremonies the traditional robes that have been marked with the appropriate runes should be worn. This is often, mistakenly believed to be the Sourcerers most common garb but is a misnomer. Robes provide the most expansive materials and coverage; most deep rituals require the presence of thirty plus runes and markings and space is a premium to clothing. In the field we recommend whatever is comfortable and most sensible with as much holding potential and protective capability as possible. In court or similar areas a College Member should appear both regal and imposing in order to establish themselves as a power without the use of words. They should not be in the habit of following fashion.


In all Circumstances the College Member must present the colours of Valordian College: the emblem of the College, a blue background with a white diamond and the symbol of the elemental house to whom they are pacted.