Echoes of the Great song find their way through the weave from the time of its creation to a span that has yet to come to pass. It is believed that its origins are known to the Gillieabad and that it’s secrets were given to the Earth Tribe called the Skagriagaard. That the origin of their songs and stories are the origin of ours and that they carry the remembered power of the deeds of days gone by and inspire. A mark upon the face of a warrior that battled at the Void is repeated through history, remade on the faces of other warriors and the story of that great battle told. The strength of that day, the courage and the family of that day is shared down through the ages of  those that hear that tale and bear the mark and the Weave strengthens them. Their stories merge and across the gulf of centuries their tales combine to be as one: The legend grows. Weavers have remembered these tales and grown in strength with the tales of the past and now pass them on, tying more stories to the world and growing its power. Few, if any understand where this power comes from or where it goes but still it is used.

Yet from the worlds before or perhaps the world after there are stories that yearn to be told, stories of beings that have barely existed or perhaps have never existed hovering at the edge of our world. They seek gaps in the Weave, the myriad cracks and fissures left over in the world from the wars and the visitors and invaders from other places. The things from elsewhere, the Strange, exist in pockets of semi life and when a Weaver calls upon the Great Web the Strange hear them and call to them, feeding off their energy and seeking a place in the world. Like so many things the Weave is not a safe power to draw upon but many tap into the strength of ages past despite the warnings of their peers. Many theorise that a strange that makes its way into one of the great stories is likely to find their way back to its beginning and reach out to all those that have and will touch it in days to come.

The Weave Across Daer Akmir