Tradition, Rite, Spirituality

Everything in the Royal Basin begins in the Academy and grows out into the Guilds and from there into the Tables of Governance. The Emerald Table represents the power that is at the Centre of The Wyld and its numbers are made up of the Altars power but the art is taught elsewhere to a specialised level. We recommend that you examine the guilds where The Wyld is taught to give yourself greater depth and understanding

The Six Altars of the Royal Basin

The Altar of the Twelve Trees

An Altar for Politicians and Ritualists with sentiment toward the ways of civilisation and the protection of the Tao in the Royal Basin.

The Altar of the Creeping Vine

A Socio-Political grove for those Tao of Kethlan followers that feel the call of the old ways and the power of the ancient spirits. Their right to lead.

The Altar of the Gorgon

A sacred Altar where the truest and most ancient of the rituals taught by the Gillieabad are passed down to the learned.

The Altar of the Emerald Willow

An altar for those Melkarr that believe that Might makes Right and that support the Creeping Vine in its plan for supremacy.

The Altar of the Broken Lady

An Altar for the Elestrom – The hated, the feared and the Despised: The Judges, Juries and Executioners of the Tao.

The Altar of the Stone Circle

An Altar for the defenders of the way of the Tao and of the provinces of Kethlan’s Kingdom

Non Emerald Table Guilds

The Oath

A Guild for those that fight that which cannot be fought, stop that which cannot be stopped

The University of Great Strabain

A Guild for Doctors, Professors and all interested in Academia

What the Wyld is –

An ancient form of magic that calls on the glory and beauty of the world, protecting us yet has been forgotten, bastardised and turned into a twisted reflection of itself – a Magic that is understood and accepted in other counties far better than the Basin. It shares its connections to the world with Gillieabad who are a dwindling resource that the world needs to thrive.


When being called on by an individual but can be enhanced and boosted through the gathering of many Ritualists.

Sacrificial Magic

The fettered Gillieabad require payment, which many consider a feeding, to provide their magic and those that renege suffer.


The forms of Magic that can be called on utilising a fettered Gillieabad that has been trained to respond to certain callings. These are the core of most of the rituals used to call on that Gillieabad power.


Whilst the Tao of the Wyld sits within the boundaries of the Royal Basin it serves those communities that pay respect and sacrifice to its ways and rites. Whilst it follows the Basin’s rules in general terms it has its own stringent code.

Driven by the Spirit

A deep rooted connection between a person and the world around them

What the Wyld isn’t –

Dancing around the woods

The Wyld extends into every aspect of the Basins life including the heart of Cities where Gillieabad inhabit ancient statues and cause buildings to walk!

Blood Sacrifice

This can be done but the Gillieabad accept songs, dancing, a well worked tool and many other things before you need to chop off a limb.

Everyone wearing green

There are, again, city ritualists and not everyone lives in a bag, under a tree in the middle of a cave under a lake.

Can the Gillieabad be described?

The Gillieabad are ancient spirits that were once “worshipped” by the people of the Earth Tribes. They were free beings who existed in and saw all times and all places and on whom the world’s survival was pivotal as they were the habitat for the Wyld. When the world changed with the Nexus they were bound and fettered and were no longer free.

When this happened they formed a hierarchy of beings who were aligned to specific purposes such as storms or mountains. At the head of this Hierarchy is the Gillieabad Kethlan who is believed to be the Gillieabad of the world and slumbers and is not called upon to perform rites and rituals.

Below them are spirits which can be called upon and given sacrifice too whose size and purpose descend in the following order.

Gillieabad (Gill – E – A – BahdModern parlance, old Gillieabad are different

These unique spirits are probably ancient Gillieabad and are second only in power to Kethlan itself. They are served by any number of Abberundy and have their own realms within the Spirit world. They are extremely free willed but see to the wellbeing of their servants.

Abberundy (Abba –Rune – Dee)

These singular spirits are served by a small number (4-8) of Myrrigun who assist in governing the demesne of their power base. They have a great number of functions that are delineated down to their Myrrigun and are rarely called upon by ritualist unless a great ritual is needed. They are very powerful and report only to a Gillieabad.

Myrrigun (Mirry – Gun)

These spirits are singular spirits that are served by myriad types of Galafeli and Falakiq. They have a specific function and are the spirits most often called on to support Melkarr and other ritualists. They have specific associate powers and in turn, serve an Abberundy.

Galafeli (Gal – A – Fail – e)

These spirits number in their thousands per type and perform a specific function for a parent spirit.

Falakiq (Fel- A – Keeki)

These types of spirits are numbered in the thousand per type and perform a general function for their parent spirits that assist their overall agenda.

Those that are known to all Taoists have names and specific portfolios

What are the Tao Goals?

The Tao in the Royal Basin is a badly damaged affair and the main goal of the Wyld Users is to restore the Gillieabad here and make the land one again.

Politically they seek to establish a presence, proper, with the royal Basin so that they can forge embassies with countries stronger with the Tao.

From there the concept of Taofically unified Daer Akmir dedicated to the unfettering of the Gillieabad is a strong concept.

To protect the interests of those members of the Tao that are represented in the Royal Basin.

What are the Tao’s Attitudes?

The Tao has been in existence since the very beginning of humanity and has learned a great deal of lessons regarding kindness and patience.

A determination to repair the Tao’s magic and recast ideals in peoples minds regarding its role in the world.

Society is deeply important, people are the life of the Tao and those societies should be ruled in fairness and equality.

Development of a direct role for the Tao in Non Taoist societies.

Casting Brief

Casting is through ritual and rite and calling on the spirits

Words should be big, slow and powerful – you are looking at 4 words per second.

Accoutrements of rites should be used and sitting down or dancing/similar

Ritualists can cast their mags around a ritual point and then enter combat with them prepped to go although they would expire at the end of the combat so they couldn’t hold them any longer.