The rebirth of the Wyld found the traditions of the once free Gillieabad lost and forgotten to a time called the Age of Ignorance. They were given names which fettered them to the world in sacred places and given purpose which took away their universal powers and bound them to a specific cause. This was called the fettering and from it was born the abominations of the Wyld that walk the wyld ways and answer the call of Ritualists who seek to emulate the Earth Tribes of old. From those traditions, new Rites and have been formed and a new Tao of Fettered Spirits have risen led, not by the Blood Druids of old, through Altars governed by diplomats, ritualists, warriors and hunters who now protect the people from the fetid Cleffydau. These were the groves of old, built in those sacred places to the Gillieabad that have now been capped into Altars and form part of the Guildic community of the Royal Basin.

The world of the Wyld is now ruled by The Ulmagarn, politicians who are versed in ritual and make up the voice for Basanic Ritual Magic. They are supported by the true ritualists; The Melkarr, the Law Makers of the Tao; The Elestrom and the soldiers of the people; The Vormearn. Despite their original glory, the way of the Wyld has fallen in The Basin: Ancient Altars have been destroyed and powerful rituals forgotten or not sustained. The power of the Abomination is strong in the Six Duchies with few dwelling there that are strong enough to summon forth the mighty Aberrundy Spirits that could restore its strength. The Tao protect those that are loyal to its ways but many Duchies have fallen to civilisation and progress with little left to be done to restore them.

Wyld Magic Across Daer Akmir