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Monday Morning Message – 25/01/2021

Good day amazing larpers of the world! I hope, as ever I do, that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you have all had the best weekend that you could wherever you have been… Continue Reading →

Sunday Funday & More – 24/01/2021

Hello RoCommunity, we hope that you are enjoying your Saturday and that you are safe and well wherever you are! Here is what we are up to over the next few days, and our plans for the next few weeks… Continue Reading →

Time for a Quickie – 21/01/2021

Hey folks! We are all very busy in the office today, so we don’t have time for much of an update, here’s what we’ve got coming up in the next couple of days… Matt’s Manufactorium: Matt Hussey will be streaming… Continue Reading →

RoCommunity – Matt’s Manufactorium (20/01/2021)

Good morning wonderfolk of the RoCommunity! Here is where we are, and what we have been up to midweek. It’s exciting, so hold onto your hats, helmets, coifs, goggles and other assorted head wear (Stephen wanted to put headpants here…)…. Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Message – 18/01/2021

Good Morning Amazing People of the World, We hope that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had an excellent weekend wherever you were (hopefully at home) and whatever you were doing. First off… Continue Reading →

Sunday Funday!

Good afternoon, RoC, and welcome to what will hopefully become something of a regular fixture… Today’s Player Brief for RoC Online was stellar, and we all very much enjoyed being back in kit (even if it did get a bit… Continue Reading →

RoC Online – Session One

Gosh! Today’s the day, and we aren’t half excited! The team are remotely prepping all their different areas with a fervour we haven’t seen the last game in the woods! We finalised character creation for our current players last night,… Continue Reading →

We’re Live!!

RoC Online is live! We are starting tonight at 6pm UK time on our dedicated Discord server. This session is dedicated to getting to know each other, Tom will be helping you to create your characters and Stephen, Holly and… Continue Reading →

Character Creation – Take Two

Hello again, wonderful humans, we hope you have all had a good day today whatever you have been up to! Just a quick update from Team RoC today – we had a really successful chat with some of our RoC… Continue Reading →

The Recreant Voice – Update!

Hello wonderfolk of RoC, we hope you’re all faring as well as you can in Lockdown and that you are keeping safe. We are here to talk to you about the impact that Lockdown is having on us, and how… Continue Reading →

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