The Rising is a collaboration of roleplayers, larpers, storytellers, writers, painters, crafters and geeks who are making a difference: Gaming for Mental, Physical and Emotional wellbeing

Our Next Events:

CODA LARP – A New Horizon – Event One- Fri 26th of May – Sun 28th May 2023


Vaklam Stands – Retro Larp – Sun 28th of May 2023

We use our community to build, support and motivate each other to make positive changes in the world, and teach others how to use their skills to their best advantage.

Latest News

  • Weekly Message – 06/09/2022
    Hello Wonderfolk of the World, Welcome to what is now the midweek message and as ever we hope that it finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you have all had the best time that you could… Continue Reading →
  • Weekly Message – 24/08/2022
    Hello Wonderfolk of the World, Gosh! Late again – Many apologies for the delay, we’ll go into why momentarily but for the immediateness of now we’ll start with the hope that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and… Continue Reading →
  • Weekly Message – 15/08/2022
    Hello Wonderfolk of the World, Blimey! It’s the middle of August, where did the year go? We know we missed a week, it was a bad one for technology and the office Kobolds spent a lot of time repairing kit… Continue Reading →