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RoC 2021 – Day Two –

Another very quick update from us: Another flurry of activity and we can announce todays system updates as we skip blythley into 2021. System and Website Updates First of all more updates to the Character Creation have been updated onto… Continue Reading →

RoC 2021 – Day One –

Sticky Post

Welcome back on board! Hello RoCers old and new and Welcome to 2021Firstly: We know that it’s four days in but we promised that we would start the going live process with the coming of the first Monday of the… Continue Reading →

Contact and Backlash Update – 09/09/2020 –

Contact and Backlash Update 08/09/2020 We have been working hard to bring the Backlash and Wound Cards up to speed for the new system. This post focuses on the Backlash slips for casting and we are excited to make the… Continue Reading →

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