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The Case of the Cheesemonger’s Daughter

Hut Wood Hut Wood, Southampton

It was a most curious situation. One of the smallfolk missing on the streets of Haven is not, I am sad to say, that uncommon an occurrence. Scarcely noteworthy, and hardly the sort of thing that we would often trouble... Continue Reading →

Frozen North – Epic – The Remains of Fire Spire

Hut Wood Hut Wood, Southampton

These events take place in the Frozen Northlands, beyond the Ancestral Borders in a snow covered wasteland. Ancient fables dwell beneath the icy branches of the foreboding forests that litter the tired landscapes, nightmares from the sleeping days of the first tribes. Wicked Dralkosh demand obedience in return for protection of the scattered communities whilst Oracles seek the future in the castings of their Nordigans.

The Spires of the North hide many secrets, bound by sickening tradition and haunted by the sacrifices of the distant past few tread here safely. The Lycans of Wolfspire, the lost knowledge of the Harvesters, dark rituals of the Torakaylin and whispered words of the Countess beckon to the unwise. Yet hope remains in Bonespire, a rallying point for change and future days where the traditions of the wicked folk are banished
During the first days of 2020 an expedition took place into the heart of the Drayel Vork and discovered that the North had fallen silent. Reports are that the Dralkosh have stopped serving their Spires and that the Ondrasks have sent people South in search of the lowland Dralkosh of the quiet tundra. The Sisterhood of Oracles have fled from some unspoken persecution and new nightmares stalk the hidden paths of the dark places. In the wake of the Countess’ departure the Frozen North has come to feel more isolated and darker than ever before.

Whispers of Ancient Gillieabad that share the names Strovalyier and Noth have been heard; whispers that were secrets kept by the Dralkosh for fear of what they might bring. These legends say that once they were called Grandmother and Grandfather but that Noth left to come to the Mountains of the Kuldisar to take up the burden of their Razorbacked patron. Now the Coalition sends forth the brave to seek answers and whether there is a people left to save.

£12.50 – £15.00

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