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Time for a Quickie – 21/01/2021

Hey folks! We are all very busy in the office today, so we don’t have time for much of an update, here’s what we’ve got coming up in the next couple of days… Matt’s Manufactorium: Matt Hussey will be streaming… Continue Reading →

Sunday Funday!

Good afternoon, RoC, and welcome to what will hopefully become something of a regular fixture… Today’s Player Brief for RoC Online was stellar, and we all very much enjoyed being back in kit (even if it did get a bit… Continue Reading →

Contact and Backlash Update – 09/09/2020 –

Contact and Backlash Update 08/09/2020 We have been working hard to bring the Backlash and Wound Cards up to speed for the new system. This post focuses on the Backlash slips for casting and we are excited to make the… Continue Reading →

Tears of the City

Tears of the City – 08/01/2020 Pre-Brief

First Reckoning

First Reckoning – 36/01/2020 Pre-Brief De-Brief

Genritter’s Blade

Genritter’s Blade – 25/01/2020 Pre-Brief De-Brief

The Waters of Mizuchi

The Waters of Mizuchi – 18/01/2020 Pre-Brief De-Brief

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