This takes place in your refs, Kit, own homebrew world of Avion. His glorious players will take the role of members of “The Guilded Rose” one of many Adventurer Guilds in Xerxal, this group has been pulled together to look into a small township where people have been acting oddly and strangers lurk at night.

What is Avion?

Welcome to the world of Avion. The world is split into 5 major continents; Xerxal, Shi’fen’Zu, Isle of Mohan, Tu’Kina & The Glitter Isles. Each location has their own culture, traditions and leaders.

Everything that you need to know can be found here

DnD Specifics

  • The system is D&D 5e, No Homebrew other than the race “Fey Blooded” which Kit wrote for this setting.
  • Feats allowed, Stats will either be Standard Array or Rolled (You may re-roll 1 you don’t like)
  • Kit runs with some homebrew rules such as:
    • Flanking – if there are two or more people in combat range of enemy you get flanking,
    • Potions – Drinking a potion for yourself is a bonus action, giving to others is a standard action.
  • Players will be starting at level five 

How the Day will Unfold: Timings and Prices

Tales of Avion will be running in the morning slot 9am -3.30pm; Kit will be aiming to start running from around 10am and finish around 3pm for a thirty minute packdown. If you want to grab stuff from the Tuckshop that is open from 9-9.30am and then again at 12.30.

It’s £5 a seat for the session or free to Community Builder Patreons of  The Rising. 

Ref Style

Hello my name is Kit, many people here may know me but I have a large range of games that I have run in the past for various folk, from D&D, Monster Hearts, VtM and more. I have more than 14+ Years of game running under my belt.