On the second Saturday of every month The Rising of Chicanery presents its first of its bi-monthly Event Days! Dedicated to Board Games, Trading/Collectable Card Games, Skirmish Games and War Games each month we provide new games to demo, prize draws and th opportunity to get your name up on our big leaderboards with the chance of winning the coveted RoCCoN trophies at the end of the year.


RoCCoN is staffed by well versed and affable volunteers who are willing to teach you a variety of games that we have at our disposal. If you want to learn a specific game you are best served by dropping us a line in advance and selecting a game from one of the listings. From there we can arrange a slot for you to sit down and have a playthrough. 

Guests and Demos

Each month we aim to bring in a company that wants to promote their games and dedicate some table space to them so that they can show off their wares. Some great examples of people that we have had in thus far are Warp Miniatures Arkworlde and Realm Runner Studios Achroma and are super open to any other companies that want to show off their products at the event. 

Blood bowl and other animals

2023 has been a big year of teaching with many people learning the art of Blood bowl and a few other games. As we progress into 2024 we will be running Blood bowl as a specific league at key times during the day. All of this info will filter through as 2024 rears its head but if you want to come down and play we have a whole host of teams you can borrow and a highly proficient commish!

Equally if you want to kick off any other leagues or skirmishes we are hoping to bring some Marvel: Crisis Protocol, Star Wars: Shatterpoint, Burrows and Badgers alongside, as we say, other animals to the Con. If you have thoughts on starting your own leagues or games feel free to drop us a line and we will see what we can sort out.

Come in and Grab a Table! Book a Game!

The Hall boasts a huge carpark and excellent bus access so you can easily scoot in and grab a table. From there you can pick up any of the games that are on the “Regular Visitors” list and sit down and play. Alternatively you can message us ahead of the event and book in a time and a game and we will have the whole thing set up for you ahead of time. If you REALLY want something special you can ask for games from the “Oft Left Behind” list and we’ll bring that to the event especially for you. 

Big Campaign Boards

Day breakdown means that the evenings are dedicated to the big campaign style boardgames that take a whole bunch of hours to complete. We have been throwing ourselves into games like Eldritch Horror, Kings Dilemma, Mice and Mystics and Stuffed Fables. Anyone is welcome to stay into the evening and join us in these activities and we offer a handful of smaller games for folks that are less interested in the big games.

Cards too!

Our brave volunteers are well versed in a number of CCG’s and TCG’s with the Con able to provide and play decks for the following games immediately:

  • Lorcana
  • Magic 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Pokemon

We are also capable of bringing along other games one request and all you need to do is drop us a message and we’ll let you know what we can do. As with the board games asking in advance for a game or to bring certain decktypes is always wise if you know what you want. 

Bring your own games

Table space is something that we don’t always have at home or perhaps we are escaping from some noise but if you want to bring your own boards and grab some space feel free. 

Board Games we provide

The Con has access to a host of games but faces the necessity of transporting them to the venue each time we run. We have broken down the games into three sections and included descriptions, length to play, style and difficulty as follows:

Regular Visitors – These games are always on site unless they are in for sorting, repair or on loan so you can expect to be able to find these when you arrive.

Oft Left Behind – These games stay at home and will only be on site if they are requested ahead of the weekend

The Cthulhu Catalogue – The Con has a fair few Cthulhu boards, all but one of which will stay at home for a Con. The game we bring changes month to month but you can request a game to be on site ahead of time. 

Food and Drink

The Con provides a tuck shop that provides drink, snacks lunchpots and pizzas throughout the day and evening. Crumpets are available if you get there early enough as the staple of choice for breakfast. Equally feel free to bring your own food and drink just remember that the Kitchen is out of bounds.

Timings and Prices

We open our doors at 9am and we start the close down at 10.30pm with an aim to be off site by 11pm at  the very latest. We breakdown our day into morning, afternoon and evening which are roughly speaking two 4 hour shifts and then the evening till we close. There are no hard and fast rules about activities except the evening being set for campaign games although the staff generally break around 5-6pm for supper.  In return for the Hall, the games and the service we ask for the following:

  • £5 per four hour period 
  • £12 for a full day
  • £5 for a full day if your a Community Builder or above Patreon of the Rising.

Where are we?

Plaitford Village Hall
Salisbury Rd
SO51 6EE

DM Plaguemantle on Discord: ( https://discord.gg/F2EyXkxA )

Message: The Rising of Chicanery on Facebook

E-mail: info@risingofchaos.com