Dazkial Tripps was born in 1722 to parents who themselves were gifted with the Astral somewhere in what is now called the Mordell Wastes. He was a slow developer who did not grasp the true power that was at his disposal but instead revelled in the stories that his parents had told him of their persecution at the hands of the Ministers. He took it upon himself to ensure that the psionic populace did not find themselves in the same situation as his parents and the generations before him. His knowledge and his campaigning bought him to the attention of Guild officials and it was soon discovered that he had a talent that was crying out to be developed. He was soon installed as the Guild’s Lore Master and record keeper with his parents passed on knowledge giving him unique insight into the Astral and the past of the psionicists as a people.

In the last few years the guild has grown in size and stature and Christine Rivers has turned to the guild to provide her with a second in command. The ever approachable and enthusiastic Tripps was the most obvious choice and he has bought a new dimension to the running and control of the Institute. Greatly respected there is no doubt that should he choose to be he could raise to equal standing to Christine but he shows no desire for such greatness.

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