Christine Rivers is the archetype of what she believes a psionicist of the Institute should be. She has been the Guild Head since the inception of the building in 1832 when it was the Halls of the Mind. She was discovered in 1749 at the age of twelve in the village of Delve in the Western Marches; her mind pouring out the wealth of innate talent that she still possess to this day. It is whispered that she was approached by an unidentified psionicist, perhaps even a cabal of psionicists who prepared her for the path that she walks now. However she gained control over her power she vanished a few weeks before her thirteenth birthday and did not return to the Royal Basin for seven years. On her return the twenty year old made her way directly to the College of Controlling Power and spent two further weeks closeted away with Quinn Shadowreaver.

She emerged with the funding for the first Halls of the Mind and a charter that allowed her to seek out potential psionicists and offer them a place at her Guild. Since then she has set the example to the guild; remaining the epitome of loyalty to the Royal Basin, specifically she has shown a great deal of support for the College of Controlling Power. She is brave, intelligent and wise and always has time for the members of the Institute who are having trouble coming to terms with their powers and their place in society. As to her extreme longevity; many point to her mastery over the physical arts others wonder still where she vanished to for seven years of her youth.

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