The Institute Expects:

Full respect to all Guilds regardless of which you owe affiliation to.

The adherence to the laws of the Institute and the land.

The Code of the Institute

You will show all deference to the rigid guild system of seniority showing respect to and obeying the instructions of those above you in the chain of command.

Those in positions of seniority will not abuse their power nor their subordinates, tolerance of such action will be short and retribution swift.

Members are encouraged not to act outside of their departments unless absolutely necessary. Where it is necessary you are required to report your action to department heads at the earliest opportunity.

Every Discipline or Talent that is taught to you represents your ability to manipulate the mind and the Astral Web that exists around us all. Once you have learnt to control that weave you are expected to use that power responsibly. Psionic power is not for show or the entertainment of the common folk.

Exploration of The Astral remains one of the major directions and codes of the Institute; our further understanding of this phenomena is vital to full mastery of the mind.

Words of the Institute

Every thought leads to the actions which direct our lives

The Pledge of the Institute

The Institute has no higher, magical governing body such as the Colleges or the Churches and as such it requires a higher policy than simply a code that belongs to the senior members above the tenth rank to whom all others will show deference. The pledge outlines their duties that stand alongside the Code:

Ratification of any new Institute Policy

Delineation of any training outside of standard guild policy.

Ratification of any policy that crosses the Golden Table

Expenditure of Crystal Table Resources

Control and reclamation of any Psionic artefacts

Control of the Variscite Mines and associated Subject matter.

The Promise

The mind is a personal place wherein the thoughts of a being are born. These thoughts  govern the action of the body in which that mind dwells for such a short time.

The balance of the mind allows the thoughts that are right to prosper in the soil of the mind and those that are morally ambiguous to fall into the scorched earth of memory.

Those ambiguous thoughts are not ones that are chosen but they remain there as untaken choices and when uncovered cause each of us guilt.

Whether they are withholding food from the hungry or murder for greed they are not acted upon.

It is our responsibility, when we enter the minds of others, to never judge based on what we see, never stir the passions of an individual one way or the other and to allow the individual to thrive.

Role of Institute Members

The Institute trains us in as many abilities as are necessary to assist the Royal Basin in the struggle to keep its institutes functional and  its borders well defended. Members of the Institute are still, technically, forbidden to gather in groups of their own making and as such are encouraged to fill different roles in society. Warriors, politicians, leaders, servants; all and more are positions that we are taught to hold and fulfil. However it is also our role to return each year to the guild to join with the Great Circle and leave our experiences for all to learn and to understand.

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