When a potential candidate for membership first comes to The Institute of Contemplation they travel the prospective Ways that will cover their training and also teach them the ethos that will lead them through the coming years. Each Way is dedicated to one of the four fields of the Institute: Universal, Conceptual, Corporeal and Perception. The Ways each have their own dedicated wings that are often teeming with students and masters alike. Whilst privacy is physically a very difficult thing to achieve within a Way Chapter House mentally each member is attuned to the task that they have at hand and in reality the world becomes a much smaller place. When the tour is over the initiate must make their choice and begin the teachings of that Way.

The Kayreoraz (K – Ree – or – Rass)  – The Universal Way

The Universal Path is the way to all others and many consider that this is the simplest to master. There is more to the art than the simple meditative stances.

The Open Gate floods the Mind with potential

The Kayreoraz offers simple training in the meditative arts that allow greater access to ones potential before moving onto what will become your major area of expertise. It concentrates on bringing forward the calm of the mind and forcing our mind into the Astral, seeking new ways of improvement. It proves popular among those who begin their path lacking confidence in their own ability or seeking something beyond the confines of their own mind

Areas of Expertise


Astral Knowledge



The Beshdeurdis (Besh – Dur – tis)  – The Corporeal Way

Mastery of the mind leads to mastery of the body and those that follow this way master the path that builds a bridge between both.

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

The Beshdeurdis provides training in the long physical meditations that build the body to levels of perfection and at the same time separate the mind from such conceptual need for exercise. Training the mind to enhance the physical aspects of body through the alteration of the physical make-up of the self. The Beshdeurdis make up the majority of those psionicists that make their way into the field and take on board combat situations. However they are, equally, those that climb mountains, compete in athletic competitions and swim great lakes to satisfy the efforts of the challenges that they put themselves through.

Areas of Expertise





The Talpheray (Tail – Fer – AY)  – The Conceptual Way

By tapping into the heart of the Astral the student is able to sense and utilise eddies of the Astral that dip into the future, the past and the Deep Astral.

The Secrets of the Future are guarded by the lessons of the Past

The Talpheray spend much time in deep, deep meditation, training their minds to find the pockets of power in the Astral that a mortal mind can interact with. The Talpheray specialise in seeking the links between all things calling forth hidden memories from the Astral Realm, sharing the power of warriors long dead, sages far distant and the actions of Kings yet to be born. Through these skills they make their art and use their power to strengthen their own will, knowledge, skills and abilities often to confound and confuse their enemies and enhance the powers and efforts of those around them.

Areas of Expertise

Mental Protection

The Past

The Future

Skill Enhancement

The Orifarakail (Oar-E-Fa-Rak-Ale)  – The Perceptive Way

Spreading the gifts of the Astral to ranges beyond the physical form and out into the world around them the student of the Orifarakail becomes transcendentally aware.

The mind is quicker than the hand which is quicker than the eye

The Orifarakail have learnt to extend their psychic aura out beyond their body and into the world around them allowing them a unique insight into their environment. To close ones eyes and see all, to shut out all outside interference and hear the sounds or the world coming from distant glades and woodlands. To feel the slight change in the psychic aura as the spoken word becomes a spoken lie, to feel the past of an object and understand the words of any language, yet to be spoken or long dead in the world. These are the ways of the Orifarakail.

Areas of Expertise

Enhanced Senses




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