The original Halls of the Mind building was built in St Mundensburg in the Northern quarter of The Bitter Vale. The building contained the largest and most powerful crystal chamber; where psionicists meditate, learn new talents and plumb the deep astral ever created was built. Tragically the city of St Mundensburg was completely destroyed in 2005 by the machinations of a mysterious group called the Conclave who are rumoured to be a group of powerful merchants and high up Guild Members. Despite the psionicists’ best efforts to defend the city the Conclave had manipulated the power of the Lords of the Oriental Hells into the use of one of their coins.

In 2006 the Halls of the Mind were renamed the Institute of Contemplation and received a massive donation from the CoCP: The Tremik Crystal. The Tremik Crystal is the purest piece of Variscite that has been discovered so far and one that has been used by powerful psionicists for over two hundred years. As such it is incredibly attuned to the Astral and resonates with Diotheric power with an oscillation of .32 degrees. The Crystal was carefully cut in twain; one half placed within the newly built institutes in Haven and Shriekspire. The two buildings are now closely linked, transport and communication between the two of them for example is said to be instantaneous and unbreakable.

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