The Royal Basin is a Monarchy, ruled by Queens and Kings who are supported by great noble houses. Their power is built on the back of the loyal common folk who toil in the fields, support their industries and take up arms when war is declared. The people of this nation are proud of their heritage and their achievements, determined in action and impossible to break. Even in defeat, they are always rising.

The Basin is the heart of the great continent of Daer Akmir:

There have been many wars that have threatened the freedoms of the people of these lands and it has been the Royal Basin that has stood resolutely and often alone to defend them. It is said that there is not one adult or child that would not stand for those freedoms, a knowledge that is both respected and feared across the great continent.

The Basin long ago mastered Divine Magic and Priests of the Divinities walk side by side with Sourcerers of the Convocation who support the guilds and the armed forces in the defence and development of the land.

War has hardened the folk of this ancient land and they have forgotten the gentler and more comforting arts of the Ritualists and the Tao. The people of this land remember those that have died for them and equally have long memories for those that did not come when the banners were called.

The Royal Basin was once three great realms that unified through war and then collapsed, gathered and split once more over various generations. It eventually settled into six huge Duchies that were countries in their own right and ruled by their own monarch from one of the major ruling houses of the land. They agreed to be ruled over by one family but that that family would be chosen by the six Duchy leaders and follow a complicated set of protocols, the cursed throne.

Those Duchies still remain, each with its own distinctive culture and people so diverse that they called be called nations within a nation. They are known as:

Key Concepts of the Royal Basin

Nobility and Ownership

The Nobility rule the commonfolk and own the lands that they live upon, there is a long history of rivalry or alliance between the noble houses that is not easily forgotten or put down.

Deity Fearing

The Deities of the Royal Basin have form and the belief of the people give them power. Priests walk the land, they are deeply respected and treated with great reverence, they are the mouthpieces of the Divine and hold your afterlife in their hands

Monsters are Real

The Royal Basin has been plagued by Daemons for untold millennia and it is the power of the Sourcerers of the Colleges that keep them at bay. They are the controllers of power in the land both magical and often political and they are to be feared and respected

Guilds Keep us Safe

Whilst the nobles are the rulers the Guildsfolk are trained to keep the people safe providing expertise in military through doctoring and magical prowess. Their lives are the first before the blade if there is a threat to the land.

Oaths are Everything

An Oath made in the Royal Basin is an Oath that has power, it is in the blood of the people back to the first days and it is a blasphemy to break your Oath or word.

Equality and Multiculturalism

The Basin is an open door to any race and sees no difference in race or gender, independence in an individual is considered a great virtue as long as it is working for the good of the nation.

Societal Classes of the Royal Basin

Commoner – You were born on the streets and made your way into a guild and eventually a table where you serve your Duchy and Land. All of your equipment, your home and so forth are independent of the guild but mostly donated and financed from them.

Merchant factions – You are sponsored by one of the powerful merchant houses and owe a level of fealty to them.  Your resources and income, your fancy weapons, your horse? All from the merchant house whose logo you may well display with pride on your shield.

Guild born – You were born in a guild and were trained there from birth, your family were guilders and your friends are all guilders. You are about as loyal and indoctrinated as they come. You live in the guild, you borrow from the  guild and you speak the strange clique language that belongs to them.

Minor Noble Family – You were born into one of the minor noble families of the Royal Basin be that a rich or poor family it still carries the appropriate respect. Everything that you have comes from the family who packed you away to the guild for their own reasons.

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