The pact that you enter into with your Vorokian house is a bond of the most sacred trust and will never be broken. To break such a trust will result in immediate expulsion from the College and your right to cast Sourcerous magics revoked for all time.

You will show all deference to the rigid guild system of seniority showing respect to and obeying the instructions of those above you in the chain of command.

Those in positions of seniority will not abuse their power nor their subordinates, tolerance of such action will be short and retribution swift.

Members are encouraged not to act outside of their departments unless absolutely necessary. Where it is necessary you are required to report your action to department heads at the earliest opportunity.

Every incantation that is taught to you represents your ability to manipulate the gentle weave of magic that surrounds each one of us. Once you have learnt to control that weave you are expected to use that power responsibly. Sourcerous power is not for show or the entertainment of the common folk. This is the realm of conjurers and prestidigitators, we are Sourcerers and we control the raw powers of Chaos and the elements.

We are not guilds, we are Colleges. We represent a faculty that has been established for over two thousand years. We are not a loose collection of half-trained rabble. You few chosen to walk our halls were chosen because you were considered to be the best and most able of your brethren. You will act accordingly.

Exploration of Ruaeth Kajhar remains one of the major directions and codes of the College; it is an extended duty for the Zaek Haqire to learn more of their origins and for us to assist them.

Words of Shadowreaver College

Fire is the life that shapes the world.

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