Along with everything else mentioned the Academy has various responsibilities that all members of the Order must adhere to. Loosely translated they are as follows:

  • Keeping alive any language that has fallen into decline, including colloquialisms and words that have unusual or obscure meanings. Too many texts from long ago are misinterpreted through ignorance.
  • Understanding of any new tale or story and what secrets, heroes or creatures may be hidden within its Weave.
  • Preventing the rise of power to tyrants and despots.

Code of The Bold Companions

Protect as best you can the companions you adventure with for they will be a part of your tale as you as theirs. Know the whole of the tale you tell, nothing is worse than being caught out by only knowing one side of it Direct involvement with political or social intrigue are not for you to become involved in. To dabble and to have influence to preserve the ways is all that is permitted. Record that which you have learnt, prepare it and teach it.

Words of The Bold Companions

A heart can have no meaning without a way to express its joy.

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