You will in all ways be as servants to the flock that we guide; in some ways this will be in the understanding of our faith in otherwise its punishment.

Anger undirected is like faith unpreached, it is our duty to see to that those that are governed by such emotion understand from where it comes and to where it flows.

There are many forms of grief and all are deserving of them, it is our duty to share this knowledge. When grief comes through the loss of a loved one we are on hand to make sure that those suffering know that it is because they loved and were loved in return for example.

The achieving of one’s dreams is to begin the road to torment; hopelessness and misery can both be found along this path and we are expected to know and relate this.

If one of the faithful can understand these lessons and learn from them then they can become stronger through the art of their suffering. In this we must be their salvation.

Pride and arrogance shall not again blind us to either our faith or our mortality, we shall not journey the path of the Devourer in days to come.

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