Code of The Timeless Order of Lore & Fate

The order are the words of wisdom, the innovators, the makers and the recorders of knowledge. It is our duty to preserve these things that others may benefit from them.

In all things keep records of your work and activities that others may continue your work in the light of your demise.

Work to perfect your skills and hone your abilities, only through diligence and attention to detail can your labours come to fruition.

Practice experimentation and innovation in the making of tools and implementation of processes and encourage these virtues in others through direct aid, sponsorship and diplomatic support.

Strive to make craftsmen think of new tools, improved ways of crafting, new ways to use old gear and new ways of doing old things.

Form forums to discuss your ideas and the ideas of others so that all may benefit from the divine light that is Bethylak.

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