Followers of Bethylak tend to fall into two categories: Those that spend their time within the confines of the Churches and those that wander the realms of Vaklam. The first of the two are usually engaged in direct research and creation for the furthering of the tenets of Bethylak, following the guidance of the high pilgrims of their order and, in their spare time, pursuing their own agenda. The copying of texts, maps and diagrams are among the more mundane tasks that they have to undertake and the Church makes a sufficient income doing so for other guilds and independent individuals. As well as this scroll scribing, potion brewing and Artificing produce regular monies for the individual and for the church.

The latter are those that roam the lands of Vaklam. They tend to be armed to face the dangers of the roads ahead and have read through the basic manuals on martial combat and seen some instruction from the various more experienced members of the clergy. They are the eyes and ears of the Church, carefully recording their experiences and investigations preparing them for the three monthly report that they are required to present to the Church of Bethylak. They are also tasked with updating current texts and maps and trading information and navigational information from peoples that have travelled beyond the borders accessible by the current clergy means.

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