Whilst within the confines of cities Ekimelahwians act as legal advisors and lawyers in the basin speaking on behalf of the defendants and for the prosecution if they discern that either will best serve the law. They also make it their task to filter laws and ensure that no one law conflicts with another and that no law is unjust. That is not to say unfair, simply unjust, Ekimelahwians are not interested in the fairness of the law just its corruptibility. The other main obligation that they take upon themselves is to administer many of the punishments, such as execution or flogging, themselves so that the will of Ekimelahw can be seen to be done through the body of her servants.

In fact many lawbreakers seek Ekimelahwian punishment in an effort to cleanse their soul. In the Wilderness Ekimelahwians serve as judge, jury and executioner, administering the law of the sword. Whilst outside of Basanic confines their code rides extremely close to “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, but is leavened by the a reasonable “proof of ignorance”. That is to say that if a person is found to be truly ignorant of a minor transgression of the law they will be found innocent. However they will be given a warning and full and proper explanation of the law will be given to them. The Ekimelahwian will then take full note and detail of the offender and ensure that such is distributed throughout the church.

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