Whilst Kethlan’s Kingdom has gelled into a forward moving economical and political power many traditionalists have pointed to a falling away from the teachings of the early hierophants and the direct words they have learnt from Kethlan itself. Since the dawn of the time of the new ways, however, Dreff Wood has been at the heart of all things Wyld. It was the place of the death of Kalarm and the awakening Kethlan, here the Lady Mogaddon sought to enhance her status by mastering the art of the Wild. Here St Lucien built his ghost priory and was defeated by the Stonecrow, here both Sarkith and the Dark One was born and here the Hunting Horrors were born. All of these evils have come to Dreff Wood and each and every one of them has been driven back by the power of Mosses Grove, the Grove of Dreff, where the most fated Druid of all ages bore his power.

Dreff has become the “Holy” place of the Wild, those of the grove of Dreff are held in greatest reverence by all of those within the culture. It is regarded as a bastion of all things truly of the Wild, all wisdom, power, strength and purity flow from the grove. To walk in the presence of a member of the Grove is an honour to all who show reverence to Kethlan and any insult to a Dreff Druid is returned with blood. Such is the power of the Druids of Dreff that even the Hierophant bends the knee to them and any decision made by the Hierophants council can be overturned by one word from even the lowest member of the order. To reach Dreff is said to be unlikely as it rests far out to Sea on an island surrounded by mists, only seven ways are known to reach there and each one is impossibly guarded.

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