The Lord of the Shadowreaver College

Imravin of the Order of the Blood Red Sun

Imravin (last name unknown) is an ancient Zumatakan whose first recorded appearance is shortly after the end of the Mandragoran incident circa 110 PC. He has been a pivotal figure in the histories of the world, not just the Royal Kingdom, having faced Gabrak, the Nervish, the Challengers of the Codex, The Pumpkin Knight, Sarkith and Orbolom to name only a fraction. It is rumoured that he trained under Quinn Shadowreaver himself, learning the mysteries of the words of power in the fabled Shackle Mountains. Regardless of who trained him Imravin has risen through the ranks of the College through his own skills and abilities. When Quinn moved on from the College that he created he chose to leave it in the hands of the only individual in the worlds that he trusts.

During his career, Imravin has travelled the world of Jorven Kel Karenik Veek and is not only a guardian of the Sacred Flame but also an honoured member of the house of the Blood Red Sun, indeed he is now more a Zaek Haqire than the mortal he once was. It is said that the story of Imravins life would take longer than this hero has lived to tell and it is fully believable. Imravin is known for his questioning nature and an extremely aggressive attitude but that is not to overshadow his firmly heroic and selfless nature. There is no greater honour for a College Member than to meet the Lord himself or to be tutored by him in person. However he remains an intensely private individual who is unwilling to acknowledge his own deeds let alone receive accolades or recompense for his deeds.

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