Kalashinka are valued and appreciated members of the Basanic culture, their change is believed to have come from a Bethylakian influence; they are skilled technicians, artisans, crafters and potion brewers, famed throughout the land for their curiosity and kindness.

They tend to intellectual roles in life – Artificers, scribers, alchemists but they are also excellent teachers and speakers. They value the company of other Kalashinka, few as they are and have great levels of innate confidence when it comes to showing their skills in their chosen area of trade almost to the point of bravery.

Kalashinka are designed for players that want to be intellectuals who would instinctively shy away from a need to lead or to be involved in combat but instead keep their heads down and work away. That is not to say that are not proud of their achievements, they are brave, loyal and conscientious folk.


Examples in the Real World

  • Flint Lockwood from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Doc Brown from Back to the Future
  • Blinkus from Troll Hunters

Essential Look

  • Kalashinka have spots, like a leopard
  • The skin on the upper parts of their faces is shaded
  • They often have long pointed ears

Common Fashion

  • Leather aprons and jerkins are common among their people
  • Lots of pockets, tools and measures
  • Goggles.

Roleplay Guidance

Kalashinka are inquisitive

They can’t help it, they have to know things, however, they are not without some level of control and prefer not to be pushy with it. They ask a lot of questions, they take a lot of notes and they may come across as irritating.

Kalashinka are Thinkers

They like mental challenges, they enjoy testing themselves intelligently and tend to steer away from physical challenges. They get bored easily if they are not mentally or cerebrally engaged and will often create work for themselves where it is not necessary.

Kalashinka are energetic

When they changed their physiognomy was altered and they tend to produce high amounts of energy, making them keen and physically very mobile. They tend to be the first people in a room and extremely keen on hand gestures.

Kalashinka are naturally kind

Their entire ethos, down through the ages, has been one of kindness to others. They are generally optimistic and happy people who find a great deal of unhappiness in the suffering of others, the more extreme the more difficult it is for them to cope with the situation and they tend to become deeply emotional.

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