Mage of The Oath

A specialist in Vorokian fire. He was born in 1940 in the village of Eratas in the Razorback Mountains on the border of Basanic/Kuldisar territory. At the age of five his village was attacked by a small warband of banditry and mercenaries and he was left for dead buried under the corpses of his family. He was discovered by Adrian Dexel of the Oath who bought him back and offered him training and a chance to hunt down those who had bought him to this. In 1962 the last of the group had been brought to justice. His rise through the guild has ended with his being propelled to a member of the Council and a well liked one at that. His courage and honour are an example to all and to the many orphans and waifs that the Oath attracts his background is a shining example.

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