One of the races of Eaölfs, this race are touched through the power of the comet with the Gillieabad of Autumn and the Vorokian world of Ruaeth Kajhar which makes them calm and rational individuals who are known for their curiosity, specifically with the development and enhancement of eldritch powers. They are disciplined and controlled and prefer to think things through before they respond to a situation.

Lairdan Gan fall naturally into roles that promote research, knowledge and magical power being Lore Keepers, Sourcerers or Vorokian students, Explorers and Alchemists. However their natural preference for calculation and logistics robs them of the passion required to inspire others, their demeanour meaning that they rarely find themselves in the role of priest or military leadership, College Members more often.

Lairdan Gan are designed to allow players to present with a more detached personality that fits the more esoteric nature of magic that they are heavily involved with. They allow you to play with an aloofness from the passionate nature of many other characters and can often be seen as cynical or uncaring individuals.

Examples in the Real World

  • Vulcans from Star Trek
  • Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock Holmes
  • Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Essential Look

  • Lairdan Gan have various shades of blue as an undertone to their facial colouring
  • They often have long pointed ears

Common Fashion

  • They favour one tone outfits in quiet colours
  • They often carry magical accoutrements
  • They wear emblems of their family houses

Roleplaying Guidance

Lairdan Gan are calm people

They are not reactionary folk, this does not make them incapable or devoid of emotion, they have trouble finding connection with their emotions and consider situations greatly before they emotionally affected by them.

Lairdan Gan are often seen as snobbish

They believe that their methodology and grasp of principals cannot be equalled by other methods. Whilst they are willing to learn they struggle with approaches that are different to their own and as such are often seen as snobs, sometimes they really are. This applies to any theory magical through to military.

Lairdan Gan are highly ethical and moralistic

Their philosophies range deeply into the implications of life and they consider deeply any grand action before they take it on. They will attempt to act as peacemakers and guides in diplomacy bending their will to humane answers to situations.

Lairdan Gan are uncompromising

They research, they apply theory but when they have to a conclusion it is almost impossible to get them to change their minds. They are set in their ways in this regard if you don’t think they are going to come to a right conclusion it is best to get in early.

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