Advancement through merit to faith – No-one outranks anyone else but you may show meritous nature by having more sway with various Gods.

The community of faith – Each Priest sticks to their own miracles and do not share commonalities in such things as Speak with the Dead.

The purity of faith – That faith is separate from bodily needs and desires and that to be tied to ephemeral things is a corruption of Faith.

That there are better ways to achieve the needs of Faith beyond violence and the taking of life but that a need for such action is occasionally called upon by the Eleven.

That there are Dawn, Day and Dusk which are reflections of the journey but that there is also Night that is the moment after death and before the birth of life again.

That the Gillieabad are the origin of power and life in this world and that only with their guidance can there be the Gods, they are to be given veneration and respect.

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