What is The Weave?

This question is a very, very old one and it has been asked by Common Folk, Monarchs, Bards and Drunks since the Skagriagaard sang songs and found themselves stronger. Some people think that it is a gift from the Gillieabad whilst others say that the Fae shared their glamour with people so that the Fae were not needed anymore. Others believe that the Weave is from another place, something that crawled out of the Void at the end of the first War of Blood. One of the most famous scholars of the writings of the Weave is Vernon Housh who served the Academy through the late 1700’s at least according to legend. His writings are only found in the journal of Orbeck Midnight, a trainee bard and his writings or records seen nowhere else.

From the notebook of Orbeck Midnight

“Hello Loved Ones! Here we go learning about the Weave. Well I say learning. I mean, I don’t really know. I’m just guessing or perhaps I’m telling a story or perhaps I’m weaving, making it real. That’s for you to worry about I suppose!

Weave is the story, a gift given to us by the Fae, effectively a pattern or power that comes across the many Duchies of the World. As a part of the being it taps into our emotion and Sympathetic feelings. The weave is the potential of untold stories from many different places, it’s power could be described as incredible, tapping into the story of someone like Dieron the Blessed if he had never actually had the chance to exist. Each person’s story can be strengthened or weakened and is a very powerful force in the world.

Direct Weave, let us call it that, is what a huge thrust of the story has been about other Vaklams and the Duchies as the people moving toward some kind of end game in what will be the last world. In all of these concepts the theft of story and the like has been a keen thing that the villains on every stage, real or imagined, have been about. When a Weaver reaches out into the Weave they reach out to moments of intense emotional power through history and evoke the ethos/empathy of that moment releasing a little of that power back into the world.

This gives power to the legends of those days – These people in turn live on legend and grow in power. This seems to me pretty similar to how the idea of glamour works but with better rules, I mean assuming there are rules. It FEELS like there are rules. This means that the figures who are being spoken of and remembered grow in power in the Weave (same as Fae in the glamour but without the focus on the living individual and instead the power on the figure from the past (yes with regards to Fae this is why Daemons get power from having any kind of power including people thinking they are brilliant)).

These figures themselves do not gain power, as in Dazak North is probably alive so he doesn’t get strength if people tell stories about him nor does he gain belief if he is dead unless people physically pray to him. The echoes of his tale stretch back to the moments that he was powerful in and come back to the Weaver through the many strands of the great tale or weave or malarky if we don’t want to sound grandiose. The Weave is the last form of magic that has needed to be nailed down, its power has been a song that was orchestrated from the dawn of those first celebrations of life around the camp fires of the Earth Tribes of the Gillieabad. That is its credence.

The earliest days of the stories have told that the Earth Tribes told the many tales this reflects the ideology that there are ancient tales and powers that have been about since forever or perhaps even longer that give power to the world. The idea of Baserak coming from the power of those old tales is something that I have been putting forward in various lectures, most likley but this latter also gives us a good blending for the magic as most other forms has a cross over point with the rest of the worlds forms of eldritch arts and they all have their enemies right?

So who are the enemy here? The answer is the Strange but you haven’t heard of The Strange yet. They are beings that exist as nothing – half formed memories of one of the other Duchies that were never chosen or never formed until the involvement of, well, something else. Basically, in a nutshell, everything that could have been for them existed very briefly during the Delving Time. This has left a myriad of cracks and fissures in our world, mainly because Guilds folk put everything back together and there were some bits left over, you know how it is? They now exist in pockets of semi life which gives them agenda and politic that I will need to define at some point soon, before I forget again.

When the Weaver calls on the weave the Strange hear them through the cracks and struggle to exist, struggle to feed on the story of some power that they themselves could have once been. They feed on the weave like vampires drawing off the weavers energy but allowing the effect that they are invoking to take place. This makes the Weaver like a doorway which means that story that comes from those dead places come into the world from that Weaver, probably when they have managed to accumulate enough strange. In this scenario the Weaver becomes a Strange Gate and begins to erode the Weave of the world around them.

This doesn’t seem important anymore let’s talk about the Tartan Warlords Sis, that’ll be important at some point. Probably more than once!”

Here the notes end.

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