The College is not in the habit of enforcing a dress code; during powerful ceremonies the traditional robes that have been marked with the appropriate runes should be worn. This is often, mistakenly believed to be the Sourcerers most common garb but is a misnomer. Robes provide the most expansive materials and coverage; most deep rituals require the presence of thirty plus runes and markings and space is a premium to clothing. In the field we recommend whatever is comfortable and most sensible with as much holding potential and protective capability as possible. In court or similar areas a College Member should appear both regal and imposing in order to establish themselves as a power without the use of words. They should not be in the habit of following fashion.

In all Circumstances the College Member must present the colours of DeRiche College: a Black background with a White Diamond in the centre and the symbol of the elemental house to whom they are pacted.

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