Artifice and Crafting

The way of the Volkar Ma is quiet and meditative, calling to the creativity of the soul and the hands of the maker. Shaping, making and channelling power with intent of only craft in the heart.

The only truth is that which we craft with eyes closed and heart open.

Head of the Institute of Volkar Ma and Head of the Department of Artifice – Syther Ma

Alyana Syther was born a human in 1978 in the great city of Norfell and originally joined the Morrigun College, training as a member of the Order of Fay A Ryn. However she excelled in the magics of Ice and Vapour and soon came to realise that her hatred for Daemons was less than her love for both the power of the Veknymolchaniye her ability with artifice. She joined the College and the Institute of Volkar Ma and went on to become one of its most expressive members. Her work was so inspiring that it took the attention of  Zartherinyialial Ma, the head of the house of the same name. Through the work of Syther the sons and daughters of the house were lifted of a great curse and the mortal was made immortal, one of the Veknymolchaniye for all time in return for her service. Regardless she returned to the College and continued her work, teaching others her own creativity and that of her new people.


In the cacophony of a College in which the whispers are so loud that they are almost screams the institute of Volkar Ma stands alone as the quite centre of what it is to truly be a Tsim. Away from the lies and the espionage and the hiding and the falsity the Volkar Ma are comfortable in their mastery of the craft. They are seekers of perfection and expression and not just in the realm of artificery and Sourcery; they are painters and sculptors, craftsmen and artisans. All members of the Volkar Ma are revered in the College, many of the other members will seek them out, talk to them and describe to them their deepest passions or fears, often as a way of coping with the weight that is placed upon them. In turn the Volkar Ma create for them a calm from that emotion, and from that calm comes the power that is the artifice that so perfectly supports the College.

Areas of Power




Calm under emotional strain


Alongside the Code of the College we follow a specific list of Duties and general orders that keep us within the remit of the College:

  • Hearing the weight of another’s soul and making that an expression
  • Expressing one’s own passion through artifice
  • Recovery and return of relative artifice to the College

Lady of the House: Zartherinyialial Ma

Owing Fealty to: The House of Mirrored Truths

Vassal Houses: The House of the Watchful Wake, The House of the Black Sails, The House of the Withered Hand, The House of the Many Mirrored Hall of the Ruby Walker

Specialising in: Crafting, Artificing, Cursing and Curse breaking and Expression

Enemies: The Three Sisters, The Fallen House of Charn, The Models of Wyrn, Tzanar Tzin, and the Callous Touch of Lord Fyre

House Symbology

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A black wand with a white wrap.


The house of Obikilan Ma is named for the first of his line to be raised to prominence by the House of Mirrored Truths and is based on the ethos and direction of their progenitor. Obikilan Ma was a minor power in the Court of Mirrored Truths but rose to prominence when his work with the ailing children of the Lords of that mighty edifice saw them freed from a darkness that was growing within them. His skill overcame the power of some of the most wicked magics cast by the Mazamarati and trapped it for all time in unbreakable craft. From that day forward the House has served their Lords acting as trouble shooters and curse breakers for the line. They are free and able to wander the lands and few will cross or raise words against them for the respect that they still and always will hold within the house of Mirrored Truths.

Expected Duties

Those pacted to the House of Obikilan Ma are expected to offer their service to the court of the Mirrored Truths and its associated houses as artificers and curse breakers, caregivers and truthspeakers. They are expected to act as such regardless of their situation and if they do not step forward when required face severe punishment.

Pacting to the House

When a character joins the Volkar Ma they become pacted to the House of Obikilan Ma and are expected to follow its ethos. It is to this house that you will owe your duty in return for the strength and powers that they give you. With them you will perform many duties and see your power swell as the pact between you strengthen.

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