Magic in CODA

  • Magic is an integral part of the game and an element of it can be found in all things.
  • Although magic has changed between now and when the world was first created, the original principles and laws that were its building blocks remain so today. 
  • Magic of any type can be utilised by anyone with the right skills or abilities, in the form of Casting. 
  • These skills and abilities can be gained in many ways: 
    • An inherent skill a person is born with 
    • Attained over years of intense studying
    • A gift to an adventurer after pleasing a power or making a devious deal 
  • Throughout Vaklam there are supernatural creatures that embody or manifest from each form of magic. 
  • Some have existed for millennia since the beginning of the world and others have come into being through cataclysmic events. 
  • However the skills or abilities are gained, any hero of Vaklam can use the magics of the world to aid them. 
  • Magic has become a dominant, if unpredictable and hard to control, force in all arenas of the world, from social to political. 

What Magic is:

  • Magic is ubiquitous throughout Vaklam and can come in many different forms and flavours. 
  • Magic is available to any hero of Vaklam and can be developed at any point in their career. 
  • Magic is very powerful and can be used for all manner of tasks limited only by the caster’s imagination and ability to use it. 
  • Magic always has a cost and a chance to go wrong. Although magic users can mitigate and prevent some of the risk there is always a chance of a hefty cost. 

What Magic isn’t:

  • Secret or obscure knowledge, known to only a few people. 
  • Rigid and inflexible – If the caster can imagine how their magic could be used to solve a problem then they can attempt to do just that. 
  • Safe. All magic has a cost – small or big, there will be consequences.
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