The power of the Divine runs through the veins of a handful of mortals that walk this world and in the words of many Priests these beings should be known as The Blessed. In days before the Laws and contracts between Divinity and Mortality existed those beings that rose to be as Gods walked the lands. Whilst in the world they took their pleasure, some loved, some lusted and others rose families but whatever their motives they were eventually relegated back to their power but their legacy remained. Those born of such remnants are revered and reviled, they are dangerous beings whose souls are considered pure by some and corrupt by others, most will hide their heritage those few that embrace it are often hunted.

Angelic remnants are deeply gifted individuals, they seem to all be born with a supremely advanced gift in one field or another. They move to become masters of their craft no matter what it might be although it is usually expressed as an artistic or creative streak – Painters or Woodworkers of generational inspiration have often been Remnants of an Angelic line. They are naturally, deeply spiritual and gravitate toward the faiths where they become vocal and ardent followers of a faith. So much so that they sometimes gain supporters and occasionally followers who awaken the Divine Spark within them. In moments like this the true nature of their heritage is revealed with great and uncontrollable danger.

Essential Look

  • Angelic Remnants have feathers running in sequence from their hair

Other Looks

  • Broken lines around their eyes
  • Silver or golden highlights in their hair
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