During the early days of sourcery and savagery, the early ancestors of today’s orcs and humans used bastardized versions of Skagriagaard blood magic and sourcery to summon daemons to them. The summoning was not as one would expect today, calling a physically manifested daemon to the caster, instead the creature was summoned screaming from the Shadowlands to wear the skin of the summoner, enhancing their strength and ferocity. Children produced by such casters were dubbed the daemon born and their line still exists today.

Daemonic Remnants maintain much of the need for power that their Daemonic counterparts do; a Daemon feeds on power of any kind, political, the power of a soul, reputation; all of these things enhance the magical nature of the beast. This desire remains strong in these creatures of the Source and they are keen to exploit the world around them to gain it. This drive does not make them reckless more it leads to them being calculating intelligent beings whose blood calls to the corrupted beings of the now defunct Lands of Shadow. Daemonic Remnants are often killed at birth in the Royal Basin such is the hatred of Daemons there, however, those that hideaway and survive are found in places of strength making themselves indispensable.

Specific Look

  • The mark of Daemon kind comes in the form of horns that manifest on the forehead, pushing their way through the mortal flesh. These are of varying lengths, some more prominent than others.

Other Looks

There are many vestigial traces of the heritage that passes through the blood:

  • Scales and traces of blackened, red skin
  • Tattered wings
  • Unnatural growths on arms or legs
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