It’s all in the weight. Or so they tell me sweetheart, weight and balance do need to be down, I’ll admit, but a proper stab seller knows the weapon they want by looking at it. Course, it’s all down to personal taste, or so they tell me.

Pillpot Stunker, Third Hand Weapon Seller


  • Combat involves using Weapons and Armour which are broken down into categories, not everyone starts trained in the use of all types of this equipment.
  • Players without combat skills can only use simple weapons, simple armour and small shields.
  • You may spend the listed Endeavour to allow you to use any of the items in the grouping that you have paid for.
  • When utilising them you gain the listed benefit.


TypeEDV CostUsable SkillsExamples
Simple WeaponsEveryone starts with this skillNoneDagger, Short Sword, Hand Axe, Club
Complex / Twinned Weapons1 EDV per typeEnhanced Blow, Knockback, Knockdown, Greater Disarm, DisarmLong Sword, Bastard Sword, Sabre/Scimitar, Battle Axe, Mace/Hammer, Staff, Rapier

*Twinned is defined as anything that is 36 inches or less (for safety)*
Masters2 EDVAs Complex & gain 1 Tactical Point per encounterGreat Sword, Great Axe, Stab Safe Spear, War Mace, Great Hammer, Pole Arms
Thrown1 EDVKnockdownThrowing Dagger, Rock, Throwing Hammer, Throwing Axe
Bows3 EDVEnhanced Blow, Knockback, KnockdownBow
Machine Propelled3 EDVEnhanced Blow, Knockback, KnockdownCrossbow


TypeEDV CostSize Guidance
Small Shield1 EDV15 inch diameter
Medium Shield2 EDV16 – 40 inch diameter
Large Shield4 EDV40+ inches – Larger shields will need to be System Approved.
Please note that all shield sizes will be confirmed by your ref.


  • Armour allows you to draw a Second Wound Card and select the best result for you.
  • Each Wound Card is ranked from 0, being the least, to 6, being the worst.
  • Each Variant of Armour is Ranked in protection between 2 and 6 and any character who is trained in that armour grouping and wearing an appropriate Phys Rep gains the following abilities.
    • Each rank of Armour will apply to a level of Severity and all those below it, this is indicated in the form of descriptor and number. 
    • For example if your Armour rank is Chronic – 4 it applies to any Wound Card labelled as Chronic – 4 or below but will not affect Grievous – 5 or Mortal – 6.
    • The Wound Cards Superficial – 0 and Light Wound- 1 cannot be affected by Armour and are always taken. 
    • If you are armoured at the appropriate level you may draw a second Wound Card and choose the better result if the Wound is Physical and Severity is equal to or below your Armour Rating
  • Please Note: Buying a level of armour gives access to all levels below it. The type of armour you’re wearing will depend on what it grants you.

Armour Groupings

TypeEDV CostGrantsExamples
Partial ArmourEveryone starts with this (phys rep dependent)Draw 2 versus Severity 2 Wound CardsGreat Coat, Heavy Clothing, Smattering of armour (like arm or leg bracers alone), Padded Robes, Just a Helmet
Light Armour2 EDVDraw 2 versus Severity 3 Wound CardsSupple Leather Suit, Chainmail Shirt, Brigandine
Medium Armour3 EDVDraw 2 versus Severity 4 Wound CardsReinforced or Rigid Leather Suit, Full Body Chain, Scale Mail
Heavy Armour4 EDVDraw 2 versus Severity 5 Wound CardsPart Plate and Chain, Plate Mail, Full Chain and Coif
Field Armour5 EDVDraw 2 versus Severity 6 Wound Cards & +1 HIT (to a maximum of 10)Field Plate, Full Plate and Chain
HelmetEveryone can wear a helmetIf you are wearing a helmet of a type similar to your armour it counts as the rank above, except in the case of Field where it gives +1 additional HIT (to a maximum of 10)Helmets…

Do Armour and Shields get Damaged or Broken?

  • Each Wound Card contains a section for armour
  • If you are wearing armour and that box contains information please refer to it when drawn.
  • There are two types of Armour damage which are fully described in these boxes:
    • Shattered – Lose the Draw Two Ability until repaired
    • Destroyed – Lose the Draw Two Ability and +1 Hit abilities until repaired
    • These drops only apply to armour that have those abilities.
  • Shields are damaged if the word SHIELD is printed in the box
    • A shield that is damaged is destroyed in the next scene that it is used in if it is not repaired.
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