Lord Skop

At the time of the assassination the role was held by Addercoil, Fey – Trapped and assassinated in the Halls of Enlightenment. Passed the objects of power to Avery Path who fled with them along a Trod. Upon the trod he was assailed by a daemon which had made a pact with his great grandparents.

The Wrentrith Owl assisted him to flee to a place of safety hidden within the Unseen Court. Here he was trapped for 14 years, the daemon absorbed and tortured the owl to try to possess the objects of power and the power of the Lord Skop. Defeated by adventurers who succeeded in recombining the owl and fled the “Town of Path” with the items and the owl. This collapsed the town and destroyed the daemon. Avery was placed in stasis from which he was awakened 3 days prior to us leaving to investigate the town.

The powers of the Lord Skop were passed to Avery Path by the physical handing on of the items after the many long years of training that Avery had received. Avery does not believe that he has the full power to be one of the Mockingbird Lords but will maintain the power for now to the best of his ability.

Whimsy of the Unseen Court
Opener of the Three King Trod
Thinker of the Wrentrith Owl

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