Lord Skald

Jurgen was born in Haven in 1966 and is the only member of the Mockingbird Lords that has received any training in such matters. He was apprentice to the Lady of Tales Alicia Goldstones and was being groomed to replace her. Jurgen is a battle hardened veteran, originally trained as a bard he, according to legend, was minutes late for the night of dark shadows and was the first to find the mutilated bodies of the Lords weeping over the form of Alicia whom he so adored. After that he became driven to take the fight to the enemy, constantly seeking those that had perpetrated such atrocities. His appointment came as no surprise and he has tried to lead the guild in the direction of discovery who the unknown assailants of that night truly where. He perceives that the guild are in more danger now than they had been at any previous time, that those responsible will return for what they left behind, especially when they realise that the Academy holds truths without which what was taken is less than useless…

At the time of the assassination the role was held by Aliminster Tolwick, Sidhe Glamour Smith: An import from the lands of Eidelos, Aliminster is the assumed name of this brooding Fae whose true name was never known or face was never seen, only the white clowns mask of this wise sage who held the histories and records of the Guild in the stories of his extensive glamour. Following are the associated words and powers of the Lord Skald:

Master of the Midnight Bay Hounds
Holder of the Legends of Garnou
Keeper of the Wolay techniques

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