Choosing a Path

When choosing your path as a follower of Kethlan you must choose the spirit that will be your patron. This spirit, one of the great three, becomes your patron and defines the way that you will have taken before taking up apprenticeship with the Melkarr, Ulmargarn and the like. Once you have chosen your spirit you gain the associated gift and will have chosen to follow that spirits ideals. You then chose your profession (way) and gain the responsibilities and boons allied to that way. This continues to be your way regardless of your status and power. The followers of Kethlan continue to remember their origins and fulfil even the humblest of duties.

The Path of Avvannah

Avvannah is one of the Gillieabad, powerful and true; she is the cycle, the tick of the clock, life and then death and then birth and then life.


Many consider that Ravage is the most dangerous of the three aspects of nature as it is the most vehement and violent of the three often in the case of Avvannah this is not true. It is the true aspect of the Earth, sometimes kind and caring, sometimes harsh and unforgiving, it reflects the unpredictability of Nature. The untamed wilds, the soft warming breezes, the decay of dead mater and the birth of new life, all these aspects got together to make up Avvannah. Its interests are in continuing the cycle of its domain, truly understanding that the circle of life and death is essential to continue the function of the world.

The Four Ways of Avvannah

The Way of Congal Cláen

The Way of the Past Watcher

The Past Watcher is the historian, the keeper and the teacher of the ways of not only Kethlan but the society and the peoples as a whole. They play a pivotal role in the shaping of each community within the Tao and are called upon to recite tales of old to inspire the people and to enlighten the young. They are keen seekers of new histories and it is their duty to note and keep such records.

The Way of Cyheuraeth

The Way of the Voice

The voice is the communicator, the harmony of the grove that compliments the rituals and the ways of the Altar. The mediator the leader and often the reason within a Tao based community. Their duties include the maintaining of many protocols, the shepherding of new folk into a group and of course any mediation between parties.

The Way of Dian Cecht

The Way of the Cycle

The Way of the Cycle deals with the cycle of life and its impact on the community of the Tao of Kethlan. Those that bear this burden are responsible for the rituals and rites of those that pass and their dedication to the spirits in the spirit world. The Way of Mug Ruith The Way of Legends The way of legends deals the lores and the contacting of those creatures that fall into the supernatural and in some cases unnatural. It is vital that the people of the Tao maintain vigilance against the unnatural and to cultivate the powers of the natural world that will aid the community in the days of chaos. Those of the Way of Legends are the speakers to such things.

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